the making of a vision board



What else is there to do on a summer morning except to make a vision board. I like having order in my life, having a plan, a schedule. I obviously had to be even more planned and organized out, which led me to make a vision board. My sister and I cut things out of fashion magazines that “spoke to us”. What spoke to me were headlines about the women joining Congress. What spoke to my sister were ads for chocolate bars. That doesn’t matter, but we had fun collaging and were able to get through half a season of friends.

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7 Things You NEED to know about Eco-Friendly​ Fashion!



Hello Everyone! In my last post from this series, I talked about Feminism and everything you need to know about it. I really loved writing about something important and also relevant to this blog and the world. In today’s post, I wanted to talk about Eco-Friendly Fashion. What it is, what brands are active with it, and a lot of more information that can help you live a more environmentally friendly life more easily. As I was writing this, I realized how uneducated I was on this topic, so I did a lot of research, for this post but mainly for myself. If you wanted to read more on this topic, at the very bottom of this post, there is a work cited section. After you read it, let me know your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!


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How to Make a Pom Pom SWEATER!


My sister posing, as well as she can while not liking pictures

Hello Everyone! Yes anohther sweater. If you saw my Black Friday Post, then you now know what the surprise is. This DIY is really fun and different and easy. You can choose to add the pom pom to a sweater you already own, but I made mine from scratch. I already made a post on how to make a warm sweater, CLICK HERE. The size of the pom poms can vary, I used mini-rainbow ones, but that’s because my sister liked them better.


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Hello Everyone! I’m so excited. I love cacti. (but I never forget my grammar, #grammar queen) And I needed a smaller pin cushion that I could move around with me in my sewing room. It’s super easy and quick! Although, since it’s smaller, I hand sewed everything, except the eyes.





  • 1 sheet of green felt
  • 1 sheet of black felt
  • needle and thread
  • sharpie
  • Mini Jar
  • Polyester Fiber


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Curtains to Flowy Wide Legged Pants!



Hello Everyone! In this picture, the crotch wasn’t sitting correctly. This is something I’ve been planning for a while! It’s fairly easy and requires very little sewing. And you all know I love upcycling projects! Especially ones that you can wear in ANY weather! I apoligize for not putting in many pictures, but CLICK HERE  if you would like to see a more detailed DIY for regular pants. I was in the sewing zone, and I forgot to take pictures of the simpler steps.


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My Sewing Mistakes, and how I learned From Them



Hello Everyone! I’m going to be honest, I make a lot of mistakes. Not the usual amount, but a lot more. If I’m not in the right head set or if I’m too tired. And it’s really easy to make mistakes especially when sewing. Usually, I make the most mistakes when cutting fabric. No matter how many times I measure and measure, there is always a chance for a mistake.


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How to Make a Pattern out of your own clothes!


Hello Everyone! I use this hack a lot. I like duplicating my clothes but changing them a bit. And I don’t like spending money on sewing patterns. So, this comes in handy.
CONSIDER, this as part one of a big project I’m doing. This will show how I got the pattern for it. I recommend using parchment paper or newspaper because they are both really sturdy and durable, in case you want to reuse this pattern.

I’m using my mother’s jacket to trace it and then I will downsize it. It is the same type of jacket I want, just bigger. This is mostly just step 1, 2,3, Repeat.

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DIY Furry Blanket with Trimming Pt 1

Hello Everyone! Recently I made a simple fuzzy blanket for my sister. Now I know it’s summer and it’s really hot but we all have that one family member who blasts the AC a little too much. And if not, a furry blanket is always nice to have. I love the fabric and it was pretty cheap, only $2.00 per yard at Costco. Even thought it seems like a simple craft, it was actually pretty time-consuming, because of the size and fabrics used. But, if you have the time and are patient, it should be easy.


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Easy DIY Pet Costume


Hello Everyone! Halloween is coming. Making costumes is the best part about it! This pet costume only took me 10 minutes, maybe less. It’s suitable for all pets( maybe not birds). There are many ways to take it to another level or take it down a notch. You can bedazzle it it different way to make it cuter and better.


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New Look 6376 Green Blouse with cutout Back


Hello Everyone! I have many Birthdays of my friends and family coming up, so I’m going to be sewing a lot. In this post, I will being showing you the New Look top I made for my aunt’s birthday. The fabric I used was this Green Cotton partly lace fabric. The pattern was easy to use and it didn’t take me too long to make it. Instead of giving a step by step, I will show you pictures at each step.


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Upcycled Cat Outfit!(All Pets)


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, school just started so things have been a little hectic. But I did have some time to make Shiva a new Fall outfit. It’s more on the simpler side but very cute. It is 100% up cycled. The scarf / tie / whatever you want to call it, was made out of a skirt. It’s the same material from the MAKING SHORTS OUT OF A SKIRT.  (click the link, 😉😉)


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Making Shorts out of a Skirt DIY

FullSizeRender 9

Hello Everyone! Summer is almost over, it’s time to clean our closets again. We ( My sister, mom, and I ) cleaned one and I found so many amazing upcyclable clothing. One of them, is a cute skirt that was old. It had a perfectly good zipper and two pockets. The fabric is an amazing lace and cotton, layered. It’s really easy to make and not time-consuming.


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DIY PJ shorts

Something I like to do for birthdays is make pajama shorts. I use their own shorts to make a pattern and trace that on the fabric. But before I start, I taking their measurements, waist and height of shorts. Usually I use a knit fabric which is their favorite colors. It’s the best way to get them something heartfelt and fun (at least sewing is fun  for me). Buying fabric is much cheaper than buying something. Here are some pictures of shorts I’ve made and an abridged version of instructions.


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Making a Polyester Lace Cardigan

My Grandmother has a huge stash of fabric in her house. Knits, lace, and so many more that I’ve lost count. While I was visiting her, we decided to make a snug cardigan for my sister.(Although she has sensitive skin so I will probably keep it) I made a list of instructions and included pictures, ENJOY!




  1. Make a pattern. I traced an loose sweater on some paper and added seam allowance before I cut the paper.


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Upcycled Beach Bag

Recently I upcycled a rough mini curtain into a tote bag. I rarely make up cycled bags or purses but the fabric was right for a bag. I loved the print and how durable it is.


I cut out to rectangles and long handles and hemmed it. The rough fabric frayed very easily so I made took some extra steps to make sure it didn’t fray. In the front of the bag, there is a pocket large enough for a phone. I also have used it to hold chap stick and it hasn’t fallen out. Although The picture above, doesn’t show the pocket.


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Upcycled Cat Raincoat


One of my favorite things to do is my clothing for pets. He actually lets me put clothes on him.IMG_1989

He never goes outside but he wears it to be in style. It is a basic shawl with a hood and a button in the front to keep it from falling off.


I cut two quarter circles and sewed them write sides together and then flipped them inside out. Then I attached the hood and sewed the button in.


If you are going to iron any type of material like this, I recommend putting another piece of fabric on top to prevent burning.


I hope you enjoyed this post!




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Upcycled Off the Shoulder Shirt


This was one of my favorite up- cycling project ever. I took a oversized mens shirt and made it into a off the shoulder shirt. It took me about an hour to make.


The shirt was on sale at Walmart when we bought it.  The fabric is really soft and flowy. I love the red Hawaiian print. it’s a high to low shirt and has short sleeves. First I cut the top of the mens shirt off and trimmed the bottom to make it high to low. Then, I cut the sleeves using scraps.  I sewed the sleeves to the main piece and then sewed elastic across the entire hemmed piece. Lastly, I hemmed all the other edges.


I normally wear it during the summer because of the fabric and length. Jeans and shorts go well with it. In the future, I would probably add straps to the actual shirt. This shirt was really fun to make.



I hope you enjoyed this post!


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Color Blocked Sweatshirt

It can get a little boring during the summer. I didn’t have time to go to the store to get fabric. I looked in my fabric drawer and I saw a bag of scraps. There were a couple of large scraps. And I love to up-cycle so I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick little shirt.

IMG_4229Before I made this sweatshirt, I made a comfy cross sweater. I had large scraps left over from it and made a color blocked sweatshirt. In a way you could say this sweatshirt is up-cyled from scraps.  I had a lot of fun making this and I skipped a lot of hemming because of the color blocked. I originally hadn’t planned for the colors to be like they are, but because of the size of the scraps.  Along with pictures of the sweat shirt.

The front top portion is red and the bottom portion is black with a red pocket. The back top portion is black and the bottom is red. I cut the pieces extra big and then downsized from there. I love it so much because it’s loose and I can wear it in different types of weathers. It is thick but because of the neck hole and sleeves, it doesn’t over heat me. It’s made from a regular knit fabric. The colors look really good together.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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