7 Things You Need to Know about Me!



Hello Everyone! This blog post is the third part of my 7 Things Series, I did one on Feminism and one on Sustainable Fashion, but today I wanted to do something a little more chill and laid back. This post is all about me and some fun stuff about me. I do have an about page, but this is more of an updated and random version. There are going to be selfies, pictures of my kitty😸, and a lot of food🍫☕️. I’m becoming more comfortable with showing my face and the next step is showing who I am. When you are done reading this, comment something that we NEED to know about you! Enjoy!

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Hi everyone! Now, you all know how much I love my cat and how much I love to sew for him. I mean, look at all the things I’ve made, PRINCE KITTY : SNUGGIE.  etc. This post features most of his may adorable outfits.  Before I get into pictures and descriptions, I need to say that he is old (VERY OLD). He’s almost 22 years old. That’s about 100 cat years. But I still love him.


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DIY Pencil Pouch

Hello Everyone! I know It’s summer, but pencil pouches come in handy even when you’re not at school or at work. Even if you don’t use it during the summer, you can prepare for the coming year. This pencil pouch is very simple to make but does work best with a sewing machine.


  • Zipper( length your choice )
  • Muslin
  • A thicker cotton fabric
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Ruler

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How to make a Kitty Cat Snuggy

Hello Everyone! I know what you’re all thinking, ‘Cats don’t wear clothes’. Well actually, most cat’s love it. Even if you don’t have a cat, they are great for all furry pet’s (maybe not lizards, more like dogs or guinea pigs). They are also easily adjustable for any size. The pattern I used came with patterns for adult and kid onesies. The print I used is a Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtle print, because my aunt jokes about it so I thought it would be cute and funny.



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DIY PJ shorts

Something I like to do for birthdays is make pajama shorts. I use their own shorts to make a pattern and trace that on the fabric. But before I start, I taking their measurements, waist and height of shorts. Usually I use a knit fabric which is their favorite colors. It’s the best way to get them something heartfelt and fun (at least sewing is fun  for me). Buying fabric is much cheaper than buying something. Here are some pictures of shorts I’ve made and an abridged version of instructions.


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Making a Polyester Lace Cardigan

My Grandmother has a huge stash of fabric in her house. Knits, lace, and so many more that I’ve lost count. While I was visiting her, we decided to make a snug cardigan for my sister.(Although she has sensitive skin so I will probably keep it) I made a list of instructions and included pictures, ENJOY!




  1. Make a pattern. I traced an loose sweater on some paper and added seam allowance before I cut the paper.


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