DIY Furry Shorts

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Hello Everyone! First, I apologize for not posting for a while.  I was on vacation (without my sewing machine😥). But I’m back! So I thought I would make a post about my favorite pair of shorts. As you know, I’m love to upcycle, recycle, refashion, whatever you wanna call it. These shorts are 100% upcycled! The white parts are from an old sweater and the black parts are from an old scarf. Again, it’s an old sweater, so when I made it, the fabric had already started to fade.

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DIY Pencil Pouch

Hello Everyone! I know It’s summer, but pencil pouches come in handy even when you’re not at school or at work. Even if you don’t use it during the summer, you can prepare for the coming year. This pencil pouch is very simple to make but does work best with a sewing machine.


  • Zipper( length your choice )
  • Muslin
  • A thicker cotton fabric
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Ruler

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How to make a Kitty Cat Snuggy

Hello Everyone! I know what you’re all thinking, ‘Cats don’t wear clothes’. Well actually, most cat’s love it. Even if you don’t have a cat, they are great for all furry pet’s (maybe not lizards, more like dogs or guinea pigs). They are also easily adjustable for any size. The pattern I used came with patterns for adult and kid onesies. The print I used is a Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtle print, because my aunt jokes about it so I thought it would be cute and funny.



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How to make a half circle skirt

Hello Everyone! Recently I received a HUGE amount of black and blue fabric. It’s thin and stretchy. A half circle skirt immediately cam to mind. In this post I will show  the steps to making one and the math behind it.


First let’s do the math. You need to know a few simple equations first.

Circumference= 2* 3.14* radius

1.You need to find the radius. The circumference is your waist. If you are making a half circle skirt that you will need to double your waist length.

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How to make Bunny Slippers

Hello Earthlings! A while ago I made a pair of adorable bunny slippers. I made them a while ago and am just now making a post about them, but they are still very cute to make. By now, my original pair of slippers are deformed from wearing them too often and from age.



(Bolded items are optional)

  • Fuzzy Knit White Fabric
  • Pink felt
  • 2 Black Buttons
  • 2 Mini White Buttons
  • Elastic
  • Polyester Fiber (STUFFING)
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks

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DIY PJ shorts

Something I like to do for birthdays is make pajama shorts. I use their own shorts to make a pattern and trace that on the fabric. But before I start, I taking their measurements, waist and height of shorts. Usually I use a knit fabric which is their favorite colors. It’s the best way to get them something heartfelt and fun (at least sewing is fun  for me). Buying fabric is much cheaper than buying something. Here are some pictures of shorts I’ve made and an abridged version of instructions.


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