making my home coming dress



It’s homecoming season. This was my first homecoming, I actually went to two of them, but I ended up making my dress. It was a challenge but I’m very happy with the outcome. I also ended up saving A LOT of money which is always a benefit. I wanted to share this process to show an overlook at the making of a homecoming dress, and if anyone has questions – feel free to leave a comment or fill out the contact form!




the sketches. I think we all know that the first step to any project is the sketch. It’s what helped me decide to make my dress. It came to me and then I went on Pinterest to get more inspiration to help refine my ideas.




pattern drafting. Next, I drafted the sewing patterns. For the bodice, I based it off of a dress I already had. I had to get my calculator out for the exact measurements for the paneled skirt part.




fabric shopping. Once I had the pattern done, I planned out how much fabric I needed and all of my materials. The total was much less than the cost of an average homecoming dress. I ended up getting 2 yards of a silk-polyester and some thread. Even better, it was ALL ON SALE plus COUPONS!




a mock dress. This fabric was more expensive than your everyday fabric and it’s super fancy. I didn’t want to make a mistake or suddenly find out that my patterns were wrong, so I made a mock dress. A mock dress is just a dress, but you use materials like bed sheets or fabric scraps. I made it super quickly, because I wasn’t being too careful, and finished it in 10 minutes. Luckily, the pattern did work out.




cutting the real fabric. This is the most nerve-wracking part. I tested the pattern out in the mock dress, but I was still nervous. If I cut it too small, I ruin it. If I cut it too big, I have to seam rip or start over.




sewing it all together. This was one day of work, which is pretty quick for me, but I think I was just motivated by time. The construction is one of my favorite parts because you get to see everything FINALLY coming together. I also added a zipper, pocket, and straps.




the final outcome. It came out better than I could have asked. Sure, it was shorter than I planned, but I like the overall look. The entire experience was fun with the exception of the final hours that caused a lot of back pain.



This post wasn’t my typical social injustice, “let’s talk about what’s happening in the world” post. I want this blog to also feature some of the things other than feminism and activism, that represents me. You are going to see a few sewing or highschool posts throughout the year. Thanks for reading!


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