the making of a vision board



What else is there to do on a summer morning except to make a vision board. I like having order in my life, having a plan, a schedule. I obviously had to be even more planned and organized out, which led me to make a vision board. My sister and I cut things out of fashion magazines that “spoke to us”. What spoke to me were headlines about the women joining Congress. What spoke to my sister were ads for chocolate bars. That doesn’t matter, but we had fun collaging and were able to get through half a season of friends.




This board contains snapshots of things like shoes and Chris Hemsworth, for fun and creative embellishments. There are also people like Kamala Harris, words like Revolution and Empower, pictures of picket signs to show what I care about and am working towards.

It’s funny how just sitting down at a table, cutting up magazines and collaging them to make a “vision mess” can be so helpful and so much fun!



Obviously, this wasn’t the set in stone guide for the rest of our lives, but it was nice to see what I valued. I also got to be creative with my goals and read articles about people and movements that inspire me. In the center, I, of course, included Kamala Harris and Michel Obama, two people I look up to and follow in the news. It’s what I wanted a major focus of the board to be. On some of the more fun sections of this board, I put shoes, editorial outfits that stuck out to me, fun quotes and a whole bunch of washi tape.





I think that having this poster up in my room, for me to wake up and see every day will continue to remind me what I’m working toward and why I am who I am. Seeing these headlines of businesswomen endorsing other business women or entire magazine spreads dedicated to the rise of women in Congress is the way I want to start my day. The surge of inspiration and hope can only be beneficial in my life. Rising to see clippings of creative shoots and editorial outfits will motivate me to keep in touch with that side of me, keeping me from disregarding my love for fashion.



Also, while this post isn’t about environmental mindsets, I will take this opportunity to remind you that if you do get magazines, this is a great way to recycle them. I did further recycle after the cutting clippings out, but instead printing specific things, looking in magazines can be better! So, do I recommend making a vision board? YES! It’s one of the best ways to have fun while doing something productive and advantageous for your life.


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