what’s happening this summer



I was gone from the blogging world for a while. Then, I made this post, and then instead of returning, I still didn’t blog. But now I’m back. For real this time. This post is discussing why I left, what’s going on this summer, some goals, and a bunch of other things. Enjoy!




First, why I didn’t blog. There was the main, obvious reason, I had too much school work. I had finals and graduation to prepare for, which left me no time for blogging. Instead of trying to force blogging into my schedule and completely disregarding the main point of this blog, I decided to take a break. Yes, it was longer than I planned, but I think it was for the best. I also felt that I lost my motivation. I didn’t like what I was writing and thought it would be better to take some time to figure out what I did want to write. From here on out, I will be blogging about fashion and bullet journalling, but I’m also going to focus on feminism and real-world problems. I’m really excited about some of the new ideas I have now.


I’m officially on my summer break. I’m going to have a lot of time to blog and do the stuff I enjoy that I couldn’t do during the year.




One of those things that I couldn’t do during the year, read the books I wanted to. Yes, I did read a lot for school and I did enjoy those books, but there were so many other books I wanted to read. I’ve only been on break for 2 weeks, and I’ve read 3 books. I finished A Handmaid’s Tale (which I definitely recommend) and A Hypnotist’s Love Story (which is a really easy read and very interesting, I finished it a few days). I’m currently reading Ali: A life, and there are so many more on my lists. Comment any recommendations you have!


My main summer goal is to run 5 times a week, I was doing well with that until it started raining. I’m doing track next year and while I’m good at a short distance, I’m trying to improve my long distance running. I’ll probably do a few posts on that, to further motivate me to run ( I need all the motivation I can get some days )


Lastly, the best part about my summer, hanging out with friends. I’m not going to see a lot of my friends next year, because of different high schools, so this summer we are all focused on hanging out and having fun. That’s going to be a major part of my summer.



I hope you enjoyed this post! So now, I want to know what you’re doing this summer or some things that you’re looking for. It feels good to be back.



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