2019 spring break look book!

spring look book


Hello Everyone! Since the weather was kind of off, not all of these pictures were from the day I wore them. Some of the outfits were featured in other blog posts, so I reused those pictures for this post. Not all of these outfits are very “springy” because the weather in Virginia is all over the place. I also jumped around during the week to my favorite looks. Let me know in the comments, your favorite look from your spring break. Enjoy!




April 12th, For my first official day of spring break, I was really busy with a bunch of photo shoots and a play went to. My outfit was featured in THIS post and I loved it so much, so I kept it on the whole day. I needed something easy to change out of, something that I could transition from cold to warm, and an outfit that was really comfy. I love how colorful and chic this look is. The shirt is from Modcloth, the jeans are from Aeropastle, the sweater is from Zaful.




April 16th,  I had to take placements test today and do a lot of school work to do. This outfit was really comfy and warm, which I needed especially since the school was very cold. This is one of my favorite sweaters from Old Navy, Jeans from Aeropastle.




April 17th, this was my sewing day. This sweater is from a thrift shop and the pants are from Macy’s.




April 18th, today was just a calm day. It was also warmer outside, so I wore something that was good for the hot weather. Part of the day, when it got colder, I wore a black cardigan. I spent the day at home, doing a little homework, watching Gilmore Girls, and playing Monopoly. The shirt is from Old Navy, the shorts are from Target, and the cardigan was from Macy’s.




April 20th, movie day. I wore the sweatshirt I made with some white shorts ( the editing makes it look a little weird). We watched movies all day, so I wanted something comfy and this sweatshirt is SO COMFY.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments, your favorite look from your spring break.



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