i made an artsy sweatshirt



Hello Everyone! During spring break, I finished all of my homework and studying early. This led me to sew something. I wanted to do something really creative and artistic and overall new. While I was working on everything, I took pictures along the way. It’s a matching set of a sweatshirt and shorts. The shorts have a little twist to them, which was my way of making it extra “artsy”.


artsy sweatshirt -1


the sketch. It all starts with a sketch of the sweatshirt, the pattern, and the look. I put some color ideas and a color palette. This is my Mood Fabrics sketchbook I got from New York.


artsy sweatshirt -2


the inspiration. I went on Pinterest to find a few pictures of flowers to see what I wanted to paint.


artsy sweatshirt -3


the practice. Before doing anything I made an inspiration page. It has paint swatches and a few ideas of what the painting is going to look like.


artsy sweatshirt -4


the pattern. Then I made the sewing pattern. I took my favorite sweatshirt and traced it onto brown packaging paper. This is my pattern for the fabric when I sew.


artsy sweatshirt -9


the shopping. I went to Joann Fabrics to get my materials. 3 yards of a cotton-spandex knit and 1/4 yard of a generic knit fabric. Since I had coupons, I picked up a few extra items.


artsy sweatshirt -5


the sewing. This is when everything starts coming together. I sewed the sweatshirt and shorts together.


artsy sweatshirt -8


the snack. I took a snack break to make a salad.


artsy sweatshirt -6


the outline. Now I have the outline of everything. A simple drop shoulder sweatshirt with a pop of color in the waist hem. The shorts are made up of the same colors and fabrics to create a cohesive outfit. (although i probably wouldn’t wear everything together all the time) 


artsy sweatshirt -7


the something special. I got some of my old fabric paints and created the colors I wanted for the sunflower paintings. In the taped square of the shorts, I painted the flower like I did on the inspo page.




the finale. This is everything together. After letting the paint dry, washing everything, cutting loose ties, etc., this is the final look.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun making this sweatshirt and creating this spin on a tutorial post. It turned out really cute although simple. Another plus is how comfy it is. My favorite thing about sweatshirts in general, are drop shoulders. These drop shoulders make everything extremely comfortable and perfect for me. Let me know if you sew + paint or have any hobbies in the comments! Thanks for reading!



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5 thoughts on “i made an artsy sweatshirt

  1. 🍵That's The Tea🍵 says:

    thats cool that you sew, I made a tube top with a twist. I made the back two nots. So one not at the top and one at the bottom so the back is basically open.

    Liked by 1 person

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