a day in the life! photo shoot​ edition



Hello Everyone! This post is kind of long, but it’s mainly photos to really capture the essence and chaos of a photo shoot day. I had a really busy day full of pictures and one really long photo shoot. There are some behind the scenes photos of my process, some food pictures, and a lot more! Enjoy!




I originally wanted this post to be about the photo shoot process, but I found this picture of my breakfast from this morning and wanted to include this. Just some coffee and bagels w/ cream cheese.




>>> Fast forward an hour after I got ready, I started getting ready for the photo shoot. This meant doing my hair and getting everything out.




I got each of the outfits out. This usually means my room turns into a big mess.




I got my bullet journal out. I keep all of my notes in my bullet journal, so I got that out to look at my plan.




We shot the first outfit. All of these outfits are in This Blog Post.




This was outfit #2.




Here’s a little behind the scenes of what it looks like when we take pictures. That’s my sister with my camera.




This was look #3.




We did the next few outfits really quickly before I had to leave.




Once I came back home, I ate lunch and started to work on the pictures.




I got my camera out, and sorted through them, getting rid of any that didn’t need to be there. Pictures that were of the ground, didn’t look nice, etc.




Then I downloaded the pictures to my camera roll. I was watching the new season of New Girl as I worked.




Once they were on my phone, I edited them in VSCO.




And because I do special formatting for my blog posts, I uploaded them to BeFunky and formatted them. This means putting them in collages, adding this grey border, making any final edits, etc.




My last step + part of this photo shoot day, I inserted them to the blog post and edited the entire post. I formatted the size, made final touches to the writing, and proofread.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I love seeing different peoples photo shoot methods and system, so I wanted to share mine. My Instagram is going to be full of pictures from this day, so click here to see my page. Thanks for reading!



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