5 Ways to Style a T-Shirt



Hello Everyone! I’m so excited about this post! I recently realized how the t-shirts I have. My collection is mainly made up of tourist/gift shop shirts and cute t-shirts. There are also even more categories past those two subcategories, such as cropped, oversized, etc. Instead of styling 1 shirt 5 ways, I wanted to style 5 different t-shirts for a few different styles. Altogether, I was really in the mood for a fashion-styling post. That’s also where the roots of this blog are from, fashion + stuff *woah, i am such a fashionista*. Enjoy!




A very simple cropped shirt and ripped jeans look.  I honestly think that a good cardigan or sweater can make a whole look so much cuter. My hair is in a bun to raise and separate my face from my body and clothes. The jeans are from Aeropastle, the shirt is from a gift shop, the sweater is from Macy’s, and the scrunchie is from Target.




Neutrally toned shorts with a shirt. This outfit is a good mix between “put together” and “whimsical”. The shirt has a sloth on it! A sloth! I know, it’s pretty great. I tucked it in to create some texture in the outfit. The toned down green and white are contrasted with the brighter colors of the sloth doodle. My hair is just down and kind of crazy to go along with the freeeeee vibe of the look. For accessories, I wore these white flowers, but you can’t see them in the pictures. My shoes are just simple converses to keep everything minimalistic. The shorts are from Aeropostale, the shirt is from Old Navy, earrings are from a gift shop.




A tucked into a skirt look. This outfit is also really casual, but if you changed the denim jacket out for a cardigan, you could dress it up a little more. I love this color combo, but denim and black can be a little risky unless it’s done in the right amounts. The skirt is from H &M, the skirt is from a gift shop, and the jacket is from Amazon.




My favorite, pajamas. This is my favorite pair of pajama pants and this oversized shirt has been with me for such a long time. Shirts, especially t-shirts are supposed to be loungey and comfy. A pajama/ loungewear outfit highlights everything that is good about these shirts. My hair is in a simple half up – half down and I wore so fuzzy socks to capture the genuinely comfy aspects of the outfit. The shirts too old for me to remember where it’s from, the pants are from Target, the fuzzy socks are from Nordstrom, and the scrunchie is from Target.




i really liked these pictures, so i included a few more


A tie in the front with some light wash jeans. This look is my favorite. The basic wash of the jeans balances well with the bright, saturated mustard yellow and red. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without a few accessories. It was a little chilly, so I had a simple neutral cardigan that goes well with the outfit, but without it, the outfit would still be fine. Complimenting the yellow of the shirt, the scrunchie ties in the outfit with a similar color. The jeans and scrunchie are from Aeropastle, the shirt is from Mod cloth, the cardigan is from Target., the socks are from h & m, and the shoes are converses.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Everyone has t-shirts but they are often stigmatized by the idea that they aren’t cute. These outfits are casual + chic, but are still simple and minimalistic. The designs of shirts can make your outfit different from others, while still being the basic silhouette + idea of a basic outfit.  I love doing posts like this, but they take a while, so I can’t do them too often.



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