why is social media so stressful?



Hello Everyone! why is social media so stressful for bloggers and other people like that. I’m going to focus in on Instagram, but most of this applies to all forms of Social Media.  Social Media is different for everyone, but for bloggers and influencers, this is probably what it’s like. Enjoy!




We are going to start off with one of the more obvious things, the constant pressure to post. If you don’t post, and this is just based on my history and some of my friends, you lose traffic. followers. likes. etc. Not that any of that matters, but when you lose people on Instagram, it affects your business. So with all this added pressure, it gets stressful to post. With the actual posting comes the consistency of when you post and the quality.

Not only do we have to post on a constant schedule, all the effort that goes into one picture. You have to plan the shoot, take the picture, edit the picture, do the caption, and then finally post it. It might not be this way for everyone, but it takes me a while to get the motivation to take pictures. So the Instagram post as a whole process takes a lot out of me.




Then after all of this, the stress of the post doing well. After the picture is posted, you want it to do well. If it doesn’t do well, then all of that effort and work that went into that one picture seems to disappear. It’s a big Instagram cycle that never stops.


We all try to escape the social media vortex, but there is this small voice making you care about your following. I don’t mean that the more followers you have the better, or that any of that matters. This is just the effect that social media has on people. It takes a while to escape that mindset.


Tie Dye 2-2


And it’s never enough to just post. You have to stay active and engage in social media. Aside from the actual posting on your page, you have to engage in other people’s Instagrams. It’s the only way to keep up traffic without over-posting.


All of this adds up to a big ball of stress and worry. The constant posting, the effort it takes to produce, one picture, the aftermath of a post, and all of the other aspects of social media add up to a whole mess of stress. (oooh- I like that phrase)




So what is the big point of this blog post, don’t force social media. Especially when it has an effect on your mental state. I can understand the need to feel like you have to be a good Instagram. The feeling like it’s your duty. Yet, it’s not the most important thing in the world.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I didn’t write this post to tell you that you need to be on Instagram or else the world ends. This post was just pointing out all of the stressful aspects of Social Media and point out why you should do whatever it is that you want to do. Thanks for reading!



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