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Hello Everyone! I’ve been planning to do a post like this for a while, simply because a lot of these questions are questions I have. I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions, and here are my answers. If you have your own answers to some of these questions, feel free to leave a comment down below! Since this post is mainly about blogging, I linked several of my past posts along the way. Enjoy!




Question: How do you grow organically? – @faerie_life_._._ (Siona Wakalkar) 

Answer: For anyone that doesn’t know what growing organically means, it’s essentially when you grow without merging with others, buying followers, etc. I have grown this blog by maintaining a schedule, although I have taken breaks in the past. Another major way I keep up traffic and grow is by engaging with other bloggers, their blogs and Instagram.




Question: How do you have time to do blogging, considering school, life, and any hobbies? 

Answer: Well, I just wrote an entire blog post addressing this topic, CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST. To summarize it, I try to stay organized, prioritize, and take advantage of any free time. That being said, I am busy a lot of the time because of this schedule, but I think it’s important to keep doing what I enjoy (blogging).




Question: How are you able to work with brands? What is that process like? 

Answer: I’ve done a few sponsored posts before, with Zaful, Rose Gal, and a UK company. Usually, the process starts with an email or dm on Instagram. Through email, we discuss things like what the collaboration would require, the affiliate links, and terms of the collaboration.




Question: How do you tell if a brand deal is a scam?

Answer: I dealt with my fair share of scam companies. My mom, luckily, owns a business, so she has some knowledge, and she helps me. Usually, everything you need to know about a brand is online, just google them, go to their Instagram, stuff like. If a brand tries to comment on your post, saying something like, “love your page, dm us… we’d love to work on you.”, then it’s probably a scam. This is one of the tough parts of blogging or influencing in general.


Question: What ad provider do you use?

Answer: This is a question I get a lot, whether they’re from fellow bloggers or people who just look at my actual site. I use Word Ads. Compared to some other providers, it’s not the best, but it was really easy to install. I’m doing some research on other ad companies, like google ads, but I’m not sure yet. If you have any advice, leave a comment down below! or dm me @rorokdesigns.




Question: How long does it take to write one blog post? 

Answer: It depends. The average post develops over the span of a week, but taking pictures can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Editing the pictures usually takes 15 minutes. My more serious posts, like this one and this one, take longer because of the detail and research. My lookbooks posts take longer for pictures, but usually, are shorter on the writing time. Ultimately, every post and the pictures are different.




Question: What is the process of creating a blog post like? 

Answer: When I create a blog post, I think of it with different stages. After I come up with the idea, I create a layout, with rough ideas and the bottom section of links. Then I write it, take the pictures, edit the pictures and then create pictures for my Instagram stories. The process may change depending on the post, but this is the typical rundown of that process.



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have your own answers to some of these questions, feel free to leave a comment down below! Thanks for reading!



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