A cozy spring lookbook!



Hello Everyone! I wanted to do a small lookbook with some really comfy + mellow outfits. I will let you know where I got everything from. Technically it’s spring right now, although the fact that it snowed has me thinking otherwise. This is going to be a pretty short post, Enjoy! Comment your go-to comfy outfit down below! 




My favorite jeans paired with a really soft green sweater. The jeans are from Aeropastle and the sweater is really old, so I don’t know where it came from. I love the simplicity of it and its versatility.




The pants are from Macy, the shirt is from a thrift shop, and the cardigan is from Target. I love the sleeves of the cardigan, and the loose-fit provides a nice contrast to the pants with a tight fit. This color palette is one of my favorites. The orange with the black and another neutral color. I also the difference in textures, along with the difference in




The sweatshirt is from a thrift store and the leggings are from old navy. It’s not to fancy or chic, it’s just a really comfortable and cozy outfit. This is another example of how different shapes can elevate an outfit.



I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s no surprise that I loved all these outfits. They are cute, comfy, and really simple. During this confusing season of early spring, where it’s still really cold outside but get’s warm, it can be hard to find the right outfit. You can never go wrong with a cozy look though! Thanks for reading! Comment your go-to comfy outfit down below! 



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