How I balance being a student, blogger, and a teenager!



Hello Everyone! This isn’t just for students, who happen to be bloggers, who need a way to balance all facets of their life. This post is for anyone that is kind of busy or have a lot to do on a daily basis. This post is for is for those of you who are crumbling and need help balancing everything. There are some tips and some of the real-life examples that I included. I’ll talk more about my life, but I want to get some of your experiences and tips on balancing, so comment down below! Enjoy!




This post is going to be interesting, so I wanted to start out with a simple part of how I am able to balance everything. My Bullet Journal. I mention it every time I write an organization post, but that’s simply because it’s so helpful. Through my many bujo spreads, I’ve learned that having different sections for these different corners of my life help me see everything clearly. I can see my sperate tasks for blogging, school, sewing, my personal life, and also leisure aspects.




As I’m writing this sentence, I’m keeping in mind that I have an essay to finish. This is why prioritizing is so important. I can finish writing the post after my essay due date, and still, have time to work on both tasks. In order to do anything on your to-do list successfully, you need to prioritize. Sometimes, things can be pushed back or even eliminated from sight, while other assignments can’t.




This goes along with some of the other tips but having intervals of what you focus in on can really help. For example, focusing on school at the end of the year with finals, and paying more attention to hobbies and jobs during the year and summer. You really just have to look at your schedule, and see when you are going to have more time, and when you aren’t.


One of the most important things that go into balance, is taking breaks. If you overwork yourself on one side of the scale, you need to BALANCE the other side by taking a long break or several breaks. It’s also a good way to prevent burnout, and keep you productive.




Not everyone gets the flexibility in school classes, but part of the way I can keep doing everything at the same time is strategic class scheduling. I know that, based on my blogging analytics, I get more traffic in the spring and summer. My blogging world gets a lot busier and hectic. While in the winter I have longer breaks. I tend to schedule less rigorous or more enjoyable classes in the second semester, to give myself more room for blogging.




Definitely, don’t procrastinate. Keep up to date with things and if you can, get ahead. You never know what’s going to happen and if you have the opportunity to, it can only help (just remember not to stress yourself out).

Establishing routines and schedules can help with adjusting to the over-filled to-do list. If you can come to terms with your busy life, you can get in the habit of dealing with it, with routines. I’m very dependent on different schedules and it’s very helpful.



I really want to stress the fact that, sometimes you can’t be balanced. You are going to be stressed, you are going to have to make sacrifices, you are going to be caught by surprise because life isn’t easy. This post was just a few things that I find helpful, but I DEFINITELY DON’T HAVE A BALANCED LIFE.



I hope you enjoyed this post! School, this blog, my own personal life, and my mental health can take up a lot of time and effort. While these are a few ways that I cope with it all, it’s really about understanding your own needs. I made this post to help others, that are in similar positions that I am, so I truly hope it was helpful. Comment down below some of your experiences and tips on balance in your life! Thanks for reading!



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