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Hello Everyone! I’ve done a few posts like this in the past, and I really enjoy writing them. I love making these aesthetic collages the idea of doing a “my life in aesthetics” seemed like a lot of fun. As I describe the meanings of these aesthetics, I’m going to give some tips on how to make these collages. If you want to see where I got all these pictures, follow me on Pinterest, and click here to see the board I made with all of these photos. Enjoy!




Starting the aesthetics with the coffee aesthetic. This is no surprise if you’ve been on my blog before, but I love coffee. I know I drink too much and I’ve accepted it. Coffee is apart of my everyday life, so I’m honoring it with this college. There are some pictures of reusable straws because I got some a few months ago and carry them around with me. On my Pinterest, there is an entire board dedicated to coffee.




This is the colorful mindset and quotes aesthetic. I’m a strong believer in positive vibrations and staying positive. This aesthetic is meant to be light and bright.  tip # 1: you can use blank colors as pictures to emphasize the color scheme. 




The itty-bitty-kitty aesthetic. I’m a cat lady. I have always been a cat lady. My cat is a large part of my life. In this aesthetic board, there are tabby and tuxedo cats, because I had a tabby cat and have a tuxedo cat.




A big part of my life has to do with writing, this is the literature aesthetic. I love writing (hence, this blog) and I love reading. I am currently reading The Feminist Mystique whenever I get the chance, and I am reading A Tale of Two Cities for school. I also included some calming aspects to keep the flow of collage. tip #2: for aesthetics, the pictures don’t all have to be about the topic. there can be accent pics. 




Of course, the fashion aesthetic. This whole blog was started around my love for fashion. tip #3, come up with a color palette before starting, because with a general topic like fashion, the pictures might look really random and the opposite of cohesive. 




Equality-feminism-activism aesthetic. This is aesthetic captures some of my favorite quotes and my whole feminist side. There’s a pic of a friend’s scene and some accent colors, along with quotes and sayings. tip #4: There doesn’t have to be a color or mood theme. Sometimes the overall theme is fine by its self.




Ok, this is the ro aesthetic. This aesthetic board has no theme, other than me. There are little things that describe who I am. It has a bunch of my favorite foods; pizza, mint choco-chip ice cream, coffee. The Gilmore Girls and Netflix pictures show how much I love those shoes and movies in general.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This isn’t a tag post or anything, but I would want to know more about you, so tag me in a post if you do decide to do this idea! Thanks for reading.



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7 thoughts on “my life in aesthetics

  1. Adi says:

    Hi! I found your blog through Vaishnavi @ Written in Stars. I really loved this post… it’s beautiful! I’m going to follow you to see more posts, and I was wondering if you could do the same or let me borrow your amazing idea for my own blog? I’ll tag you 😊

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