How I Stay Organized.



Hello Everyone! I’m known for being organized and having an obsession with staying organized. I have some interesting, to say the least, methods I use for staying coordinated. There’s also a little bit of OCD mixed in there. It’s taken me a while to develop this outlook and state of being, but I’m so glad I’m like this. Comment down below some ways that you stay organized. Here are some of the ways I stay organized and ways you can too! Enjoy!




The first step to being organized is having a clear and organized mind. This sounds really cliche, but have a clear and organized mind really translates to real life. When you’re in a good headspace, being organized and productive should come naturally. If my mind isn’t in the right space, then I take a few moments, stretch, drink some water or coffee (keep reading for more on coffee), and then try again. It’s a really small thing that makes a huge difference.




My BULLET JOURNAL! I started bullet journalling at the start of last year, and it completely changed my life. Everyone is different, which is what makes bullet journaling so great. For me, there’s a lot of space for my long everyday tasks, test scheduling, future planning for long term assignments. It helps me keep track of when I am going to study when a certain assignment is due when I’m not available to study.




This may seem crazy, but I find cleaning very relaxing. When my space (my room or sewing room) is clean, I feel like I can be productive and really get stuff done. One of my favorite sayings is “clean space-clean mind”. Part of my OCD is that I can not concentrate if my area is messy. I get all flustered and can think or function.




I could not stay organized without my fuel, a.k.a coffee. This isn’t a very serious tip, but coffee really helps with everything. I am my best self when I have coffee. It’s not healthy but it’s true.


My schedules and routines. I have scheduled for everything. Those schedules keep me prepared for every day/ recurring things. Sundays are my laundry days, I get ALL of my laundry done on Sunday so that I don’t have to worry about it during the week. I have a morning routine involving making my bed and cleaning my bedroom that gets me ready for the day, and at the same times, checks things off my list. Schedules and Routines are good ways to keep your life organized.



This is my list from last month with long term due dates, things to research (self-defense), and my sewing to-do list.


I have so many lists for so many different things. I have a list for long term assignments like a science fair and high school applications. Every month I have a list of things I have to do by the end of the month, or events coming up. Lists are a good way to visualize everything so that you can prepare for them. Having everything in one spot makes it easier to keep track of them, and you also know what to expect. Mental lists and actually written lists on paper both work, but the tangible ones are easier to remember, easy to add to, and easy to mark off.


snow day-14


And lastly, sleep and preparing for the next day. Before I fall asleep, I mentally go over my schedule for the next day and everything on my to-do list. Not only does it prepare me for the next day, but it makes me feel a lot more organized. Like I mentioned before, I get really flustered and panic-y when I’m not organized. By going over my plans for the next day, I calm myself down and relax.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This whole post was about the major ways that I’m organized and some tips for you all. Although it appears that I’m put together, I’m not always organized. I can be unorganized, especially when I’m experiencing burnout or when I just can’t be organized. And that’s ok. Being organized isn’t essential, it’s just helpful. You also have to consider that everyone is different. Some people handle stress and workloads differently. That’s why I want to know how YOU stay organized. Comment down below!




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