behind the scenes of instagram!



Hello Everyone! In August, I wrote this post. That post was about everything that goes on behind the camera and Instagram. I showed what my pictures really looked like without editing magic, and the strategic cropping. This post is going to be more about the process of taking pictures, the toll Instagram takes on me, and the editing process. There’s a lot that goes into 1 insta picture and that process doesn’t get shown. Enjoy!


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I wanted to start this post out with a simple picture I took. It wasn’t for Instagram, but it went on my insta story and my last bujo post. If you liked seeing this side by side, click here to see mine behind the scenes of blogging post. That post includes a little Instagram info, but this is post is going to have more info.




This is the classic side by side that I showed in the last behind the scenes post. I thought the iced coffee was really aesthetically pleasing at the moment, and I knew I wanted a picture of it. I also knew that if I wanted a picture, it would have to be soon because I really wanted to drink it. It was taken in front of a tree, in front of my garage. Instagram is a lot classier than the process behind the pictures.




My captions have the same structure. A small quote or emoji, a few grey blocks and then the caption, and a bunch of grey blocks, and then the hashtags. I prepare them in bulk every week (recently it’s been every month because of my break) and then I copy and paste them into Instagram.




Ooooh, the exciting part, all of my editing apps. I did an in-depth blog post of my editing process for a basic insta pic, but let me know if you guys want an updated version. The main apps I use are VSCO, BeFunky, Collage, and UNUM. VSCO is a great editing app. I used to just use Instagram’s edits, but VSCO is so much better for finer details and elevates the quality. *this picture also shows how many photos and takes go into one blog post*




UNUM is great for planning out insta posts and making sure it goes along with a theme. I really like it and use it a lot. Instagram’s college app isn’t my favorite app, because it’s limited in its abilities, but it good for basic and really quick edits. BeFunky is one of my most used apps, and I use the online website for every single blog post. I don’t have the premium version, but the free version is great.





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