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Hello Everyone! I recently did a post about my favorite books and podcasts. I didn’t do that many podcasts and wanted to dedicate a full post on them. This is just a fun post going over all of my favorite podcasts. I love podcasts so much. They are a great way to pass time, are really entertaining, and help me relax. I also included a few generic music playlists on Spotify that I like a lot. Most of them have links to the websites of the podcast. If you have any recommendations, comment down below! Enjoy!


podcasts and books


1. Bechdel Cast. My favorite podcast. It is about the portrayal of women in different movies, a new movie each episode, and whether or not the movie passes the Bechdel test.

2. NPR Podcasts

3.  Morning Motivation Playlist on Spotify. This is a music playlist I listen to every day. It was created by Spotify and has a lot of feel-good pop songs.

4. SYSK. Also one of my favorite podcasts, they talk about a different + random topic each episode, giving so much information and history behind it.




5. Stuff your mom never told you

6. Daily Show

7. Ethically Ambiguous

8. How it is.

9. Today’s Top Hits on Spotify

10. The How Stuff Works Network. If a few of these sound the same, it’s probably because they are all from the same network. 4 and 5 are both from this network. They have so many (too many for this list) amazing podcasts on their platform.



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any recommendations, comment down below! 



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