A day in the life! snow edition

snow day cover


Hello Everyone! At the beginning of the week, I had a snow day. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do another day in the life. It was a mix between a fun day and a productive day. Despite having the day off, I still had a bunch of homework to do. The kitty and I spent time together, I made cookies, and more! Let me know if it snowed where you lived or how your Monday was, in the comments. Enjoy!


snow day


8:00, I woke up. The part about snow days, for me, is sleeping in late. On a normal weekday, I would wake up at 6. I brushed my teeth and then decided to finish folding some laundry. I don’t like having clean laundry in baskets, but I was really tired yesterday.


snow day-3


After that, I went downstairs and made some (very dark) coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. It was obviously really cold, so I put the fireplace and set up a spot to eat.


snow day-2


While I was eating, I updated my bullet journal and schedule for the day. I always do this on weekends, because I need to know my schedule for the day or I feel cluttered.


snow day-4


10:30, Then I got ready for the day.


snow day-6


I had some homework I wanted to start. I didn’t do all of it at once, but I finished Math and Language Arts homework.


snow day-7


Lunch Time. I had some pizza and cheese sticks.


snow day-8


11:45, Next, I started writing and working on the blog. I prepped this blog post and worked on MORE homework. It’s never-ending.


snow day-10


This weekend I was in a sewing mood. I fixed a sweatshirt that I didn’t like. The style just wasn’t my style, but the picture above is the final result. It’s a little cropped but not too much, and then I cinched it a little bit and the bottom band. I also made some pajama shorts with pockets.


snow day-16


A quick pause in this day in the life, to give my kitty his time to shine. Like I’ve mentioned before, my cat is really old. That being said, he can be very difficult during photoshoots. Today he was being very good tho. He’s so handsome and his little beanie fits him perfectly (ish).


snow day-9


I cleaned up my sewing area, and then my sister said she was bored, so I proposed the idea to play a game. We played Trivia Pursuit for a little while before we both became bored up it.


snow day-15


I had a little more homework to do and I had to finish high school applications. My sis and I watched Brooklyn 99 while I worked. I thought this would be a good place to show how cold it is. This Virginia as a whole, but the specific place in Northern Virginia, where I live was much colder. (we are also supposed to have more snow this weekend)


snow day-11


Next, I had to finish my science fair. I’m composting and had to check on the buckets for the last time. Then I showered and put pjs on.


snow day-13


My sister and mom made cookies, which we ate after dinner. They are just plain chocolate chip cookies. I ate one cookie, and then a bunch of cookie dough afterward. oops.


snow day-14


This is something I did throughout the day, but every day before I go to sleep I sit with my cat. We watched some more Brooklyn 99, we are trying to catch up because we started the show last week. He was very tired after such a busy day.


snow day-12


9:00. I went to sleep. I brushed my teeth, stretched, and checked my email before falling asleep. The next day I had school, but there was a delay.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I had such a good day, full of Netflix and homework. I know a day of homework doesn’t sound the best, but I love getting stuff done. There’s still more snow coming!



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