5 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket!

bomber jacket-6


Hello Everyone! Despite January and December being really busy, I really wanted to do a fun fashion post. One of the gifts I received was this jacket. I have been looking for a nice and stylish coat for the winter/ chilly spring, and I love it. It’s a plain bomber jacket, that I got from Target. The fur collar is removable, AND underneath is a flat lay collar. I did a blog post a long time ago, it was a DIY Sweater to Bomber jacket. Click Here to see that post, and there is a bonus outfit styling similar to one of these. These are 5 outfits and ways to style this jacket, and they are all perfect for the chilly weather. Enjoy!


bomber jacket-4.jpg


The jacket is a statement piece, by itself. Keeping the outfit underneath plain lets the bomber jacket speak by itself. The jeans are from Aeropastle and the shirt is from  Forever 21. Since the jacket is short, the high rise jeans match, and it keeps the flow of the outfit. This crop top is shorter than the jacket and I love the different levels it can show.


bomber jacket-2.jpg


This outfit was actually featured in an older blog post where I made a bomber jacket.  A lot of these outfits are going to pretty simple, like this one. The uggs are paired with this outfit to enhance the comfy-ness. I also love how the embroidered flowers really pop out in contrast to the monotone color palate in the rest of the outfit.


bomber jacket-3


I think this is one of my favorite looks, even without the jacket. Click Here and here, and you can see how much I like this combo. The sweatshirt is from Target and the jeans are from Aeropastle. I thought it needed another splash of color, so the red scarf fills in the absence of it.


bomber jacket-5


Almost everything can be styled to fit the right occasion. I wanted to include at least one outfit that resembles athleisure. The capris are from old navy and the shirt is from Nordstrom. The black from this jacket ties back into the black from the capris. It’s a pretty basic look but has so much style and texture to it.


bomber jacket'.jpg


Neutral green pants paired with a white shirt, and of course, my grey converses. I love this color pallet because of how it ties in all the neutrals together, without looking too plain. The pants are from Aeropastle, the shirt (sorry it didn’t show up in the pictures) is from Target. This is another outfit styling with high waisted pants, which I previously said helped with the fluidity of the look.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This is my favorite jacket, I’ve ever owned and it’s really easy to style. Feel free to comment down below any questions or if you just want to chat! Thanks for reading.



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