A year in the life! how I’ve grown + what I’ve learned.

A year in the life-2


Hello Everyone! This is going to be a really chatty and reminiscent post. 2018 was such a long and important year. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like this year I grew a lot more in comparison to past years. This post is all about growth. I wanted to focus this post on my personal growth and the growth of this blog, but there will be some stuff on school + other things. Not everything was great this year, but I’m grateful for all the good things that happened. When you are done reading this post, comment a way you’ve grown this year or something you learned. Enjoy!




Blog Posts. This year, my blog has grown, tremendously, and I’ve created a lot of really amazing blog posts. *keep reading for a feminist and equality section* These are my favorite posts that I was and am really proud of.





Collaborations and Sponsorships. Along with writing a lot of blog posts, I’ve gotten to work with some really great brands and amazing bloggers. There also might be some collabs with brands and bloggers coming very soon….. but for now, here are the collabs,





Me growing as a Feminist. I also wrote a lot about Feminism and Sustainability. The entire year I learned a lot more about these issues and got much more involved in them. Here are some of those posts,





Somethings I’ve learned,

  • “Good Enough is Good Enough” – this is one of my favorite quotes and sayings.
  • A little bit of coffee makes a BIG difference
  • “It’s okay to take a break sometimes,”
  • Less philosophical, but I found out how much I like podcasts.
  • I don’t enjoy math, but it will probably help in the future.
  • I like things to be organized and clean.
  • I really really love blogging.




I started 2018 with bullet journaling. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or if it would even help me stay organized, but I tried.  Starting to Bullet Journal is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I’ve definitely grown, as you can see if you go through the posts throughout the year, but I really enjoy it. Here are all of my bullet journal spread posts,





At the beginning of the year, my first post of 2018 actually, I wrote a New Years Resolutions and Goals Post. Here’s where I am currently at with my 2018 goals/resolutions,

  • Etsy – Ok, so I didn’t keep going with my Etsy store. I did sew and sell things to people I met in person, but nothing on Etsy. Although, I did a lot of other really fun and exciting things.
  • Reading – I read a lot in school, but that wasn’t the goal. I’m going to keep working on reading, in and outside of school.
  • Writing – Ok, finally a success. I wrote a lot. Mainly on the blog, but also in my bujo and for school.
  • Sewing – I tried sewing as much as I could, and definitely got better at it. School took up a lot of my time, so I didn’t get to sew as much as I would’ve liked.
  • Kitty – The kitty got a lot of love and time in 2018. I sat with him and showered him with all my love.
  • Volunteer – I did do some volunteer work over the summer, but my main outlet for community service was teaching younger kids. After school, every Wednesday, I helped teach a sewing club for Kindergartners- 3rd graders. It was a great way to get service hours and I genuinely enjoyed it.


A year in the life



I hope you enjoyed this post! At the end of every year, it’s good to reflect. A lot of things changed this past year and I grew a lot. Happy New Year!!! Comment down below how you grew or something you learned! Thanks for reading!




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