The Best Trends of 2018! ft. Ashlyn



Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday break and or Christmas! Ashlyn and I are doing a collab! We are both going over 2018’s trends. Click here to check out her post! Her blog is so amazing and cute, and I had so much fun collabing with her. 2018 was such a long year with a lot of different trends and fads along the way. Enjoy!


*disclaimer: I don’t own any of these photos, they are from Pinterest*




The well known poopy jacket. Although, I’m not sure that’s the real name for this jacket. Emma Chamberlain and all of those people really hyped this jacket up. Almost all stores starting selling these.




A really popular look and trend were the thigh-high boots with oversized sweatshirts. Ariana Grande really popularized this looked. It’s a good mix of comfy and chic.




One of the quiet trends but very popular, loose ripped jeans. It’s only one of the many denim trends, but the flow of it paired with the rips make it different. The pants can be styled to look classy. Or they can give off more of a street style vibe. Loose ripped jeans really shined through this past year.




This kind of goes along with the thigh-highs, but it’s also really great by itself. Oversized crewnecks or sweatshirts. They’ve always been in everyone’s closet, but this year they became stylish outfits. It’s easy to dress up a crewneck and it makes the outfit more casual.




I don’t really how or why Gucci got popular, but it definitely did. A lot of social media stars and celebrities started wearing their Gucci, and then it became a “thing”. The high-end store became very fashion forward, something everyone wanted.




2018 brought back a lot of the trends from the ’80s. Mom jeans, for example, but my favorite, SCRUNCHIES. They made a comeback, and I’m so glad they did. There are so many new types and even if you don’t wear them in your hair, they can be a great accessory.




We all know how much I love chunky sweaters. It’s another comeback trend from the late 1900s. Not only are they fashionable and trendy, but they’re also super comfy and affordable.



I hope you enjoyed this post! The new year is coming fast, but we can’t forget the trends of 2018. I’m not sure how I feel about 2018 being over, but I’m looking forward to 2019. Don’t forget to check out Ashlyn’s post, click here. Happy Holidays!




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