7 Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas!



Hello Everyone! Christmas is coming up really soon, and it’s never too late to get gifts or wrap gifts. I love wrapping presents, but I also like getting artsy with them. Plainly wrapping presents has never been my thing, and this year I may have gone a little overboard with the doodling and designs. These are 7 really fun and simple wrapping ideas with tips and a bonus doodle list at the end. I included small tips along the way to help with any small things while you wrap. I’m super proud of this post, so I hope you ENJOY!




First, A simple brown wrapping with washi tape. The brown wrapping can look a little plain, but with the patterned washi tape, it jumps out at you. Wrap the gift normally and then use the washi tape on the sides. I also like outlining the “to” and “from” box with the tape.  Quick Tip: under the washi tape, use regular tape because washi tape isn’t always the most secure type of tape. 




This form a wrapping is the easiest way and looks very playful. Although the print my sister and I did wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, it was really fun to create. We did a tree pattern, and then wrapped it around the gift, and kept it in place with some washi tape. Then, with some red ribbon, we tied the ends and trimmed the extra paper. Quick Tip: When you use this type of wrapping, it looks better if the item isn’t a box. Clothing, water bottles, cylinder wrapped stuff, etc.




I think this type of wrapping is my favorite. It’s really similar to the previous wrapping style, but it’s so cute. Great for stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends. I did it the same way as the previous one, but I did the little dots and designs after I tapped and tied the paper. Quick Tip: If you do way until after you tie the sides, keep the design simple, e.i. dots, zigzags, lines, etc. 




This design is one of my all-time favorites. The lights strand is very cute and also really festive. I took a sharpie + black highlighter. I used the sharpie to create the lights strand in a random formation. The way the loops turned out really surprised me, but the sharpie was really good for creating a smooth strand. I used a dark grey marker to create the little lightbulb ends. With the same type of marker, I alternated the different bulb colors. Then, I wrapped the box the normal way and used clear tape to keep the folds down. Quick tip, you never know what the color is going to look like on the brown paper, so test it out first. 




You all know how much I love upcycling. This next idea has to do with taking scraps from wrapping and incorporating it back into the gift. After you wrap a gift normally, you can use the scraps to create bows and even little “to” and “from” cards.  Just fold the scrap back and forth, and take them in place. You can also create a loop, and then a smaller rectangle to go in the middle. Click here to read a post on Sustainability. Quick Tip: Don’t feel like you need to add the extra umph. If you have scraps use them, but if you don’t have scraps, don’t feel like you need to make them. 




I love easy wrapping styles, and this one is one of the easiest. It’s like the candy wrapper look, but this one is great for baskets or food. All you have to do is place the basket (or item) on top of the wrapping paper, and then collect it all at the top. Just tie it with a ribbon, I also tied a little “to” and “from” card with the ribbon. This year, I wanted the brown paper to be my signature wrapping paper, but any paper would work. I did some doodles on the paper before wrapping it around the basket, and I love how it turned out. I actually did wrap a present using this technique, but I didn’t want to spoil the gift for my friends + family.  Quick Tip: If the gift recipient likes pineapples or something that resembles this kind of shape, color and decorate the paper to look like that. 




If you read my collab post with imperfectly susy, then you would know what a great gift Fuzzy socks are. Just wrap the socks with a thick piece of wrapping paper. If you used the brown paper, then you can write things on it. I wrote some sock puns, I know, very cute. Quick Tip: Make sure that the paper is tight enough so that the sock doesn’t slip out of the packaging. 




BONUS DOODLE LIST: Trees, presents, cats, dogs, turtles, lights, socks, candles, cacti (it doesn’t have to be holiday or winter themed), watermelon, rainbows, snow, etc. 



I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you all have happy holidays. This year, I had so much fun wrapping these presents and playing around with doodles and drawings. Wrapping and getting gifts doesn’t have to be stressful and these wrapping ideas make it so much more festive and creative.  Thanks for reading! Comment down below any fun gift ideas you have, I always like ideas. 




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