My Winter Break Bucketlist!



Hello Everyone! I know the month is halfway over, somehow, but there is still a long time to go before it’s over. This post is a mixture of some bucket list ideas and also some things I’m looking forward too. Comment one of your top items on your winter bucket list.  Enjoy!




1. Ice skating… or maybe roller skating. I’m not the biggest fan of Ice skating, but I do like roller skating. Maybe, I’ll just switch it up.

2. A Gingerbread House Competition. 

3. Sitting with the Kitty by the Fire. The kitty and I love cuddling on the couch, but now that it’s cold outside, we can turn on the fireplace. I’m going to see if I can get him to sit with me by the fire.

4. Going Holiday Shopping. I have been planning one really long day to get all my shopping done. It’s going to happen very soon, and I’m excited to get a bunch of gifts.




5. Hallmark Movie Marathon. You all know I love my Hallmark movies. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays, so I obviously have to have a marathon.

6. Building a Snowman. 

7. Being a Successful Secret Santa. This is the first year I’m doing a secret Santa with my friends, and I just want to make sure I don’t spoil anything. (i have trouble keeping secrets)

8. Gingerbread Cookie Making. My aunt makes the best cookies, and I love eating cookies and decorating them.

9. A reindeer photo shoot with the kitty. The kitty is very fashionable, but a little high maintenance. He has these reindeer antlers, so my sis and I want to have this big photo shoot with him. Maybe, if it’s successful, there will be a post on it.

10. Eggnog. I also look forward to eggnog, but we haven’t made any… yet




11. Wrapping Presents! I love wrapping presents, this is less of a bucket list item, and more of something I look forward too. Instead of wrapping my gifts with wrapping paper, I’m doing something different this year. I’m using a brown paper and some washi tape I got.

12. Donating. I already donated a bunch of clothes at the beginning of the month, but I love making quilts and then taking them to animal shelters, to donate them. Especially in the winter, when it’s cold. Donating to shelters, or just in general, is always a great thing to do, no matter the season.

13. Making a bunch of Pajama Pants. If you want to make some pajama pants for a gift, adding a personal touch, or just for fun, Click here!

14. Having a fun and jolly Christmas. 



I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment something on your winter bucket list. Thanks for reading!




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