A 2018 Gift Guide! w/ imperfectly susy



Hello Everyone! Make sure to check out Susy’s post when you are done reading this post, she did a really fun Holiday Wish List. For this post, I found a bunch of really fun and cute gift ideas for your friends and family. Some of these are gifts I’ve received and some are just items that seemed appealing. After writing this post, I realized that these are all pretty affordable and easily accessible. I loved collabing with Susy for this first, holiday collab of the season. Enjoy!


disclaimer: I don’t own all of these pictures. most of them are from Pinterest




Starting this post with a popular and great form of self-care, Face Masks. I love face masks, and getting them as a gift… even better! Just a really simple gift, and you can them for a really good price at Target, Walgreens, Lush, etc. (oooh, bonus item, Lush)




Winter doesn’t stop when the holidays stop, so Sweaters are great for a long-use gift. There are also a lot of sales always happening for sweaters, making it a lot better of a gift. Almost all sweaters are really comfy and perfect, and there are really basic ones if you don’t know what they like. You can’t go wrong with a simple + cozy sweater.




Gift cards may seem like a safe way to go, but they are sometimes the best gift you could give. Especially when you want to make sure the gift recipient really likes their gift, gift cards can ensure that. And getting someone a gift card is like getting someone a whole store *kind of*. It comes with options and freedom. *The ones above are from Starbucks, and I just thought they were super festive and jolly*




I don’t know about you, but I love me some slippers. Sometimes I call them footsies, but they are just super comfy. What sounds better than waking up the day after Christmas (or another holiday), and putting on a brand new pair of slippers.




Staying with the comfy things, the next item on the gift guide are socks. Furry socks, funny socks, really/everyday socks, they are all just great. This would be a great gift for all genders and ages.




Phone cases. Maybe this is for that friend who always breaks their case, or is too “busy” to get a new case. There are so many different types of cases, and that helps to make the gift seem a lot more thoughtful. If you don’t know this person’s favorite color or pattern, or you just want a gift for anyone, there are also cases that are great for that. I




Redbubble. For anyone who doesn’t know what Redbubble is, it’s an only store that sells computer and regular stickers. They have a really large variety of types of stickers, and I myself have received some in the past. Getting someone redbubble stickers is a great way to show how much you know about them. You can use them on your computer, phone, wall, almost everything.  They’re great for anyone who has a device or just loves stickers. (and, they usually have fun sales)




I never realized how great of a gift Letter Lights are until my sister got me some for my birthday. They are metal letters with lights on the inside. Really simple, and you can’t get it wrong *unless you don’t know their initials*. Or maybe, if they have a short nickname, you can get the letters that spell the nickname out. That’s what my sis did,  my nickname is Ro, so she got an “R” and “O”. It’s a little more on the expensive side, but they are so cute and can be very useful.




Ooooh, a seasonal favorite, Candles. Although a lot of people associate candles with cold days, they are great all year long. And if you get good quality candles, they last a really long time. Figure out their favorite scents or flavors, and they whenever they light the candle, they’ll think of you. *And everyone likes a cute candle*




Everyone likes Pajamas. Want to go the extra step, click here to see a DIY post I wrote about making your own PJ pants. Another great gift for everyone of all ages and genders. We all wear pajamas and the comfier the better. One of the best gifts I could hope for is some pajamas. And if you need to get several gifts, there are usually really good sales at old navy when you buy multiple sets.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Click here to check out Susy’s post. Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration as to what you will be gifting to others. Or maybe, now you have some extra items on your wish list. Like I said before, most of these are pretty affordable. They are easy to find, nice on the wallet, and still show how much thought you put into the gift. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!




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