The Perfect Outfit for the Winter



Hello Everyone! This post is a look at THE perfect outfit for winter. It’s also my go-to outfit and one of my favorite looks. It’s getting cold in Virginia and it’s starting to look more and more like Winter. Sweaters. Scarves. Snow. There is a detailed description of the outfit, some tips for accessorizing, and a lot more. Enjoy!




While I was in California, I went to a thrift store. I knew I wanted to go to a thrift store and get something for the winter. Buried in the racks of clothes, I saw this beige-y sweater. It’s so soft and I love the different pattern on the front. The shape of it is really nice, and there are a lot of ways to wear it. If I want more of a casual outfit, I’ll leave it as is, long and loose. It also looks really nice and trendy tucked in. This thrifted sweater is now one of my favorite sweaters I’ve ever owned.




A sweater, some comfortable pants, a jacket, and finally, a scarf. This is a variation of my everyday winter outfit. It’s perfect for winter, because of the layers. The pants are from Macy’s. The jacket is from Amazon. There’s a little bit of color and a lot of added comfort. The pants are actually stretchy and depending on the lighting, they look like jeans. This is a neutral color outfit, which is also great for accessories, undetermined days, and a lot more. I just LOVE this outfit.




Sometimes, a sweater, pants, and a scarf aren’t warm enough for the Northern Virgian weather. For anyone that doesn’t know what that means, it’s cold. Very cold. I did a post a while ago, on my current jacket, but I also like this outfit with a denim jacket. It keeps the look, as a whole, very simple and clean.




Assecories are great ways to elevate a look with small items. This red scarf is one of my favorites. It’s an old scarf, so old that my mom and I don’t know when she or I got it. It adds a little pop to the outfit, which without it, has beige, black and grey. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be finished without my grey converse shoes. These shoes are great because they go with EVERYTHING. Another plus is that they are really comfy. I feel like the sweater and shoes complete the outfit and keeps me warm.




Like I said before, this is also my go-to winter outfit. It’s really cozy and sends me all sorts of winter and holiday vibes. Comment your go-to Winter outfit!



I hope you enjoyed this post! I love this outfit so much. It’s got the perfect combination of comfort, style, and warmth. Even if you live in a place where it’s warm, the jacket can be taken off, and the pants can be exchanged for shorts. I’m also changing up my Instagram theme, Click here to check that outMake sure to Comment your go-to Winter Outfit. 




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