7 Holiday Moods and Aesthetics!

aesthetic cover.jpg


Hello Everyone! Today’s post is a big collection of Aesthetics. Click here to see my aesthetic tag. An Aesthetic is a collage of inspirational pictures that showcase a theme or mood. I call them Aesthetics, but they are also individual mood boards for the various moods of Christmas and the Holiday Season. Everyone has their own Holiday theme and color palette, red and green or grey and white. Enjoy!


Disclaimer. I found these images off the internet and Pinterest. I don’t own any of these pictures.


snow holiday aesthetic.jpg


My favorite color is grey, and that’s why I love this one so much. Grey can have very cool tones, which is mainly the vibe of this collage, but the fire and lights bring in the warmth. There’s snow + ice and fire + lights.


red aesthetic.jpg


The Iconic Holiday Combo, green and red. It’s everything December is. There’s Starbucks, some Christmas ornaments, and more. It’s one of the more cluttered and full mood boards, which perfectly describes the holidays.


holiday aesthetic 3.jpg


This one makes me feel so cozy. It’s the sitting by the fire, it’s snowing outside mood. I love how the white from the snow blends with the flour blending into the marshmallows.


holiday aesthetic 4.jpg


This is the shiny, gold and dark green aesthetic. It has cool tones, from the snow and cookies, and some warmer tones, like the lights and stockings. I feel like it touches on a lot of the different aspects of winter and December. And don’t those cookies look really good……..😋




This is less of an aesthetic, and an overall mood. These are some of my favorite holiday/Christmas quotes and icons. When I think of December, I think of all of these. It’s so light and bright. The plain background makes everything less busy because there are a good amount of words and doodles. Comment, down below, your favorite holiday or winter saying. 




While I was looking for Holiday themes, I came across a picture of Snoopy on Christmas. This is the SNOOPY AESTHETIC! The navy blue tree, the fence, a red barn, and several clips from the actual show. This is so playful and nostalgic. Comment down below if you have seen A Charlie Brown Christmas.




This is less of a Christmas or holiday aesthetic. It’s more of a winter vibe. The black and white contrast with each other, and I like it because everything pops. There are hints of white like the snowy road and the white wreath. I also included some quotes. I love the color palette and how everything is cohesive.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I really loved making this aesthetic collages. It really put me in the mood for the holiday season. Another reminder that I did take any of this photos and I don’t own any photos, I found them off the internet and Pinterest. Comment your favorite Holiday aesthetic! xxxxx




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