My December Bullet Journal! Cookies, Snow, Doodles and More!



Hello Everyone! *sniff sniff* I smell gingerbread cookies. It’s a new month, and you guys know what that means… a NEW BUJO SPREAD. This is the most excited I’ve ever been for bullet journal spread post because this is honestly my favorite spread that I’ve ever done. There are some new holiday pages and trackers I tried out. This is actually my first holiday + December spread, my bujo anniversary is coming soon. If you want to see some past spreads, click here, here, here or here. I recently did a collab and whole blog post on bullet journaling + the basics, click HERE to see that. Enjoy!





I loved how this cover turned out. The theme is holiday cookies. First, I marked everything with a pencil and added a little banner in the middle to showcase December. I wanted something with a simple theme, but I was also in the mood to draw and doodle. The idea had been in my head for a while and I was really excited to finally put it into my bujo. It took longer than most of my cover pages did but I think it looks pretty nice. You will also see that these three colors, the bright red, green, and grey are the three main colors going along with every theme.




Doodle Page| After doing some research on holiday bujo ideas (5 minutes of googling “holiday bujo”), I decided I wanted to do a bonus page in addition to the cover. It was kind of like a quote page, but more like an extension of the cover. It’s a little snowglobe with trees and snow. I decided that just the snowglobe on the page made it kind of empty, so I added the word snow underneath in calligraphy. I tried to use some different markers this time and I think it looks better than the old markers I was using.


present tracker


Present Mood Tracker|I’ve mentioned this in past bujo spreads, but I am really bad at keeping up with trackers. I will be on break for most of December, so I should I have the time to fill it out. I thought I would give mood trackers another go. It took me a while to come up with a cool idea for this tracker, but I ended up with a present, divided up into 32 squares and rectangles. In the corner, there is a key with the different moods and corresponding colors.


countdown to Xmas


Countdown to Christmas|All of these pages and the whole spread has different holiday themes, but this is my first real holiday tracker. It’s a candy cane where I will do a countdown to Christmas. Each day, until Christmas, I will color in the corresponding spot in the candy cane. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this page can be altered to another holiday or special day of the month. This is also another example of how I experimented with the different forms of hand-lettering. Let me know if you want a post on hand lettering by leaving a comment. 




Goals Page|One of the pages I always include in my spreads is a Goals Page. I don’t have any current goals, but I like keeping it in the journal because it’s a great place to put any long-term tasks or achievements I want to keep in mind. I kept the winter theme going with some winter lights, tinted with the theme’s three colors. I take any chance I can get to practice my calligraphy, so I wrote the title, “goals” in calligraphy.




Gifts|This is my first December bullet journal spread, so I got a lot of inspiration from Youtube, but one of the ideas I saw and really liked was a Gift tracker. Each box represents a different person or group, and I’ll write their names in the little tag and then the gift ideas inside the box. Everything looks really clean and cute but most importantly organized. Hopefully, it will help me be more efficient this holiday season.




Monthly|Clearly, some of the last pages and trackers from this spread were a little extravagant. I wanted to keep this page simple and keep those three colors included. On December 25th, there’s a little Decorated Tree for Christmas. There’s a little section for Notes and a key at the bottom. The key will be for any symbols that don’t fit in the boxes in the Monthly spread.




Daily|I always stick to the same layout for the daily logs because I use them the most. They are one of the best things in my life that keeps me organized. I Obviously, I kept the same layout but put a small twist. The border of each day is meant to be a Christmas-y or Holiday-y ribbon. I randomly put bows around the border and created the allusion that they were on top, and overlapped them with other boxes sometimes. A few months ago, Michaels was having a sale on washi tape, so I grabbed some a kept a stash until this month. Some of the boxes are made of a golden stripe washi tape. After the first wash box, I realized that if I kept them the same size as the other boxes, the washi tape would take too much of the interior. I switched my method and put the washi tape around the boxes instead, and then gave me a lot more room. Surprisingly, this version of my daily log was easier than previous ones and looks so much more decorated while staying organized.



I hope you enjoyed this post! No question, this is my favorite spread I have ever done. The holidays are so much fun but get really hectic. This spread was and is the perfect way for me to stay organized and still have the holidays around. The actual process of making this spread did take a little longer than past ones, but it was worth it. I tried some new things like the different trackers but also stuck to some things that have worked in the past. I love reading bujo spread posts, so if you have one, leave a link in the comments, if you want. Thanks for reading.




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