A week in the life! Travel, Disney, Coffee and More!



Hello Everyone! This was a very eventful week for my family and me. I was on vacation, visiting my aunt in L.A. A lot went on, so I divided this post up into daily segments with collages of pictures for each day. Some of the highlights of the trip include going to Disney, baking a lot, and trying different coffees. It was a really fun week and I’m glad I got to take a break from everything.  Enjoy!


Thursday 15th, We arrived in LA on the 15th. It snowed in Virginia that day, so our flight was delayed by about 4 hours. Our flight was really early, so we still had most of the day in Los Angelos. After a full and early morning of traveling, we decided to just take it easy and relax.


day 1


Friday 16th, I’m officially starting my week on Friday 16th because that’s when all the festivities started. I woke up and did some work. Today was sort of a prepare day.  One of the things I was the most excited for was Lemonade. That’s what we had for lunch and I was so happy. I got the mango chicken truffle mac and cheese bowl with some cucumber-mint lemonade. We went grocery shopping at Trader Joes and Sprouts. With L.A. traffic, that took up most of the day. We came back to my aunt’s house and made dinner. After cookies, we did facemasks that we picked up from Sprouts and watched a movie. Our day ended with us playing a game with Netflix on in the background.


day 2


Saturday 17th, The day started with some coffee and choco chip pancakes. ( sorry I forgot to take a picture but they were very good). Once we were in town, we went to a crystal shop and another really cute shop. I was really happy when I found a thrift store. The only things I got were a couple of sweaters and a really big black sweatshirt. We then went out for a late lunch at Alcove. I wasn’t too hungry, but I got a granola parfait and some tea. My aunt knew of this kitty adoption place, where we got to pet and meets kitties. I have an old cat at home, but I found some calm kittens who just wanted to cuddle, and we got along. We came home and I was really tired, so we just watched some Netflix and I went to sleep.


day 3


Sunday 18th, We wanted to take today really easy and bake some cookies. I woke up around 9 and started to do some school work and blogging stuff. I ate some mint cookie crunch ice cream for breakfast, really healthy, I know. We ate some biscuits and gravy, which my aunt made, which was our lunch. My aunt and I watch Riverdale, but she was behind, so we watched the entire new season together and caught each other up on the episodes. Next, we had some apple cider. After apple cider, my mom and I went out a took some pictures on a cute wall I found and picked up some choco chips from the grocery store. We continued to make cookies, and that picture/selfie of me in the bathroom is my drying/doing my hair. I washed it, and in order to prevent my frizzy hair, I have to straighten it. I ended my day with some gingerbread cookies and the movie, The Villiage. 10/10 recommend that movie if you like spooky movies.


day 4


Monday 19th, Like the every other today, Monday started really late in the day. Monday being Monday, we all had some work to do and decided to stay in before going out. I practiced some hand-lettering while I wrote cards to people, and worked on some blog posts. We went to see the movie Night School, which I don’t recommend but had to drive out really far. My mother’s friend lives in California, so we went to have dinner there. That took up most of our evening, and by the time we got back to the house, I was exhausted, so I showered and went to sleep.


day 5


Tuesday 20th, Thanksgiving!…kind of… we decided to “celebrate” Thanksgiving a few days earlier so that we could go to Disney on a less crowded day, and also have more time to eat the food. We spent the morning watching Netflix, and I became a little sick, but after taking some ibuprofen, I felt better. The rest of the day, up until dinner was just Netflix and rewatching friends thanksgiving episodes. Dinner was really good and I definitely ate too much and stuffed myself. Included in the dinner, was potato bread, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and egg stuffing, pomegranate, and a chicken, but it was ready in time, so we ate it the next day.




Wednesday 21st, Today, we focused on eating food and leftovers and then going out The Grove. It was another chill day, but after our “Thanksgiving dinner,” we needed it. We went to the grove, where everything was lit up, and they had the Christmas Tree up. We stopped by Zara, an ice cream shop, Top Shop, and a few other stores.


day 7


Thursday 22nd, DISNEY!!! Finally, Disney Day. We actually spent most of the day in California Adventures and with a hopper ticket, we went to Disney Land in the evening. It was a really long day, starting at 6 am, we went on a lot of rides, and got back home at 12-ish at night. Some of the highlights and memorable moments of the day were going on a crazy Ferris wheel, beating my sister at the Toy Story Game, and going on a drop tower. The Ferris wheel we went on wasn’t normal, instead of staying in place the whole time, it swung in a circle as the Ferris wheel moved. I don’t like heights, and I really hate roller coasters, so my eyes were closed the entire time. One of our (my sis and me ) favorite rides is the toy story mania ride, where you compete against each other. It was a really tiring and really fun day! The best way to end our trip.


day 8


Friday 23rd, Our final and last travel day. The flight was really early, 8 am, meaning we had to be up early. We got Starbucks, I slept most of the flight, and then we arrived in VA. I showered and unpacked as soon as we got back. My kitty was very angry, so we immediately sat with him and comforted him. I was very jet lagged but after a full day of traveling, I was very tired and ready to sleep.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m glad I got to share this weekend with all of you. It was really fun, and although most of the trip was spent relaxing and making cookies, I still had fun. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wonderful week. Thanks for reading!




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