Bullet Journaling 101! w/ Shades of Unique



Hello Everyone! I’m so happy and excited to say that this post is a collab with Shades of Unique. You may know her as @4everbuttercup on Instagram, but she recently restarted up her blog. I love her blog so much and her Instagram is super cute. Her post is about starting a bujo and doodling. She recently started one, and since I have had one for a while, I’m going to be sharing some wisdom. I’ll be answering some FAQs and giving some tips. Most importantly, I’ll be going over the basics of bullet journaling.  And don’t forget that “bujo”, stands for bullet journal. After you are done reading this post, click here, and go read hers! Enjoy!




What is a bullet journal? Bullet journals can be very different, but it’s basically a customizable planner organized using different bullets and different spreads. No bullet journal is the same. You can choose to keep in simple with just a calendar and daily logs for to-do lists or you can add in trackers, doodles pages, quote pages and a lot more. Many bujo-ers create their own pages, but if you don’t have the time you can also get pre-made journals that you customize to yourself. They are a great way to stay organized while using your creative senses at the same time.




What are logs, trackers, and spreads? Logs are where you write different things for a schedule. Trackers are useful to track things like sleep, water, or anything that you need to keep track of. Spreads describe the sets, a monthly spread contains all the pages you added for your bujo. I don’t use tracker’s that often because I, personally, have trouble keeping up with them, but if it’s one of the calm months, I do a couple. My favorite one I’ve ever done was my May Tracker.




Why bullet journal? Unlike normal calendars, bullet journals are specifically for you. With bullet journaling, you can make sure that you are as organized as you can be. It’s also really fun and lets you get into your creative senses. Bullet journals are just really good for staying organized and focusing on things unique to your life. It’s not for everyone, but in my experience, it really works.




Do I have to be artistic to bullet journal? No way Jose.” I am pretty artistic, or so my mom says, but my bujo was not very good the first time I started. My skills have grown since then, but it’s 50/50 division of organization and art. It doesn’t have to be the most aesthetically pleasing bujo ever. Go ahead and make a really artsy bujo with calligraphy and everything, but it’s also ok to have a simple bujo without any elaborate details.




Tip #1: Be unique! It takes a while to find
“your thing”, but once you find it, everything will be so much better. One of the biggest things I would want to tell you about Bulletjouranlling, it’s ok to follow or mimic someone else’s bujo, but you will really benefit from discovering your own layout that works for you. I know that not a lot of other people are going to see your bujo, but after making it unique, for YOURSELF, everything will be a lot better.


Tip #2: PLAN! Before you start your bujo, map out what you are going to do. I mean, you never know if the first try will be really great or not too good, but plan out what page will go where what layout you want, or even what the titles for each page will be. I use sticky notes ( which I reuse each time)  to mark what page will be what. I always start out with a cover page, which I map out beforehand and it always helps. And of course, planning doesn’t always fix everything and it definitely doesn’t prevent mistakes, but it really boosts confidence and the outcome will improve.




Tip #3: Use the right tools. Not even the right tools, but tools that will make your bujo so much better and cuter. I love washi tape, but I def saw an improvement of my bujo once I started using better pens. They weren’t too expensive, but they made each page better and more organized.




Tip #4: Find what works for you. Not everyone has the same problems or organizational needs. It took me a while to figure out that I can not handle trackers and I need simple designs to organize my thoughts efficiently. It’s a really good idea to find a layout and methods that work to your needs


Tip #5: Have a theme or idea before starting. Everyone is different, but I wouldn’t recommend just starting a bullet journal or monthly spread. This corresponds to tip #2 about planing. Before you start drawing or mapping out a spread, get an idea of what you are going to do.




Tip #6: Don’t stress yourself out. This is probably the most important thing I could tell you. Bullet journaling is meant to be fun. I get stressed out a lot, but I always find comfort and relief in my bullet journal.


Tip #7: Understand and overcome mistakes. You are bound to make mistakes, but when you do, realize that not everything is going to be perfect, and move on past them.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to read Shades of Unique’s Post. And follow her on Instagram, @4everbuttercup. These tips have really helped me, and I hope they help you guys too. If you have any questions, feel free to comment them down below. Thanks for reading!




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  1. Havn'Chu Seen? says:

    Love the creativity you have put into your bullet journal! I also started one since August and I recently wrote a blog post about tips and tricks I found during my research and my stress management. Keep up the great #bujo 🙂

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