7 Things You Need to Know about Me!



Hello Everyone! This blog post is the third part of my 7 Things Series, I did one on Feminism and one on Sustainable Fashion, but today I wanted to do something a little more chill and laid back. This post is all about me and some fun stuff about me. I do have an about page, but this is more of an updated and random version. There are going to be selfies, pictures of my kitty😸, and a lot of food🍫☕️. I’m becoming more comfortable with showing my face and the next step is showing who I am. When you are done reading this, comment something that we NEED to know about you! Enjoy!




1. One of the most important things in my life is my kitty, Shiva. He’s a grumpy 24-year-old tuxedo cat and I love him so much. I’m one of the most enthusiastic cat ladies you will ever hear of. Our favorite activities include watching movies together and silently judging my sister (haha, just joking…kind of). Even though he’s really old and grumpy, all he wants is someone (me) to sit with. His nicknames include “old man”, his holiness, mister, and cat. Despite his age, he’s very loud and isn’t afraid to voice his hunger for more cat treats. To summarize, I’m a crazy cat lady who likes watching rom-coms and scary movies with my kitty.




2.  I love coffee and food. If I don’t have coffee, I can manage, but I struggle. I also genuinely like the taste and feeling it gives me. My go-to order at Starbucks is either a grande coffee or a caramel macchiato. Kind of random, but I also really like food. I’m not a crazy food either, as some of my friends, but I really like french fries, Caesar salad, and mint choc-chip ice cream. Comment your fav food down below. 




3. Let’s talk about fashion and sewing 🛍. I’ve always loved fashion, and when I was 6 ish, I learned how to sew. My grandmother knows how to sew and started teaching me. Now, I make a lot of my pajamas and sew things for my family and friends. I took a Parsons course for fashion and industry essentials. I love clothes and when I was younger, I would put on fashion shows using my sister’s stuffed animals.  Fashion has been a huge part of my life and interest for as long as I can remember.  Click here to see how to make those pants.


4. I’m a feministI’ve made a few posts about this before but I am an intersectional feminist, which means that I want to equal rights for everyone, going past gender. Everyone who knows me knows how much I care about equal rights. Especially with everything going on in today’s politics, it’s really important for everyone, that all of our voices are heard, and our rights are acknowledged.




5. My favorite number is 7. I’ve always loved the number 7. I consider it my lucky number and I use it for everything. Whenever the number 7 comes up or is somewhere, I jokingly mark it as a sign. Just another random fact about me! lol




6. I love writing and blogging. I started this blog in 2016 but never wrote anything, it was the summer of 2017 that I really started writing and maintaining rorokdesigns.com. Now, it’s one of my favorite things to do and I couldn’t imagine not having this blog. I enjoy the writing, but also the photos and editing. It’s really sharpened my writing + creative skills.




7. For this last one, I want to know something, ANYTHING, about you. Comment down below with a fun fact, an important part of you, or something that I mentioned that YOU can relate with! xxx



I hope you enjoyed this post! After writing a post about feminsm⚤ and sustainable fashion, I thought it was time to talk about the blogger behind the blog. Some of these are random like my taste in coffee, and some showed a significant side of me. My kitty 😸, which we can also call my life, is a major part of who I am. Thanks for reading! xxx




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