Let’s Chat! School, Motivation, Instagram, and more!



Hello Everyone! I wanted to do a really calm and more chatty post talking about some things that have been on my mind and some updates. This week I’m doing some traveling so I will be writing this on the road (air actually)  and at the airport. I’m going to be talking about some things that have been on my mind and some announcements. A lot has been going on in my life, and I thought, rather than keeping it all in, I would share it with all of you. Some of the topics are fun and others are more on the serious side. The comments are open for anyone who wants to chat, has an advice, can share their experiences on some of these topics or anything in general. Enjoy!





1. Instagram.  Before we get into some of the more serious topics, I thought we should start on a happier note. As you can tell, my Insta game is getting better. I’m starting to be more consistent with my posting and photo quality. If you do follow me, DM me, letting me know you saw this post, and I can follow you back. My sister takes all my pics and doesn’t always like it, sometimes she starts taking pictures of rocks to show her frustration in my “modeling skills”.  Although she may not enjoy taking a million pictures of me, I really like how they’ve been turning out.




2. Stress and School. The main reason I wanted to write this post is that I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. I’ve been really stressed, sad, and exhausted. My school has been the main component of my stress. Since I was traveling, I had to take a test early, prepare, and do extra work so that I didn’t fall behind. It felt like my brain and energy were both being drained.


3. Movies. Let’s talk about Netflix and movies. I finished watching Pt. 1 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s a really good show and I love the hidden and obvious symbols of equality and some of the real problems troubling the world right now. Anddddd speaking of defying society, I’m also starting to watch the new version of Charmed. Before I started watching the new series, I finished the original. It was a really good show and I like the reboot, but obviously, I notice all the differences. My all time favorites are still Gilmore Girls and FRIENDS. Those are the shows I causally re-watch over and over again. Although, I haven’t gotten sick of them yet. Leave a Comment with any shows that you are watching or any recommendations.  




4. Motivation. I’ve never experienced the feeling of an absence of motivation until this year. All of my motivation for anything seemed lost. The Motivation for school, for moving, even for blogging, was gone. I still functioned as a human being, I just didn’t enjoy it. It could have been burning out or maybe I was just dehydrated (I have a problem with remembering to drink water). Now that I’m on vacation, and I’m taking a break, I’m feeling better-ish. If you have any advice on this topic or want to share your experience, feel free to comment.




5. Travel. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I am currently traveling. I’m spending Thanksgiving Break in L.A. with my aunt. I’m missing a lot of school because of this and I’m also going to be writing a lot. There will be a lot of pictures, a lot of fun blog posts including a travel log/week in the life, and a collab coming soon. When I travel there’s a bittersweet feeling because I love traveling but things get messy and my OCD tries to organize and fix everything. This trip will still be fun. One last thing, you can donate to help with the California Fires by clicking here.


6. Tendonitis. A couple months ago I found out I had tendonitis. It makes sense because I type a lot, for school and this blog, and I also had so much pain in my wrist and arm. Tendonitis is basically when the tendon is overly stressed and stretched. I have to wear a brace to keep my wrist/hand from moving too much. This is also part of the reason I took a break from blogging in September/October, because of how much typing I had to do. It’s getting better though and I’m learning how to deal with it.




7. Now for some updates. I have a posting schedule, Every Sunday and occasional Thursdays. I have a lot of posts planned out for the next couple of weeks, but depending on my school life, I’m going to try to stick to this schedule. My contact page is up, if you want to contact me for brand deals, collaborations, if you want to contact me and or if you have any questions about anything, you can go message me there. Feel free to all dm me @rorokdesigns on Instagram. My email is rorokdesigns@gmail.com.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve had a lot of things on my mind, and there are a lot of exciting blog posts coming up. All the feelings dealing with stress, motivation and lack thereof, and all the updates I had are mainly in this post. Writing is such a great and beneficial way to vent everything that can be hard to communicate in real life. I really like writing and reading these types of posts, but let me know what you think.  Feel free to comment down below and start a chat! Thanks for reading.



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