How to Make Comfy + Cozy Fall PJs!

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Hello Everyone! Oh my goodness, I haven’t done a sewing/DIY post in such a long time. School and life, in general, has got me so stressed and busy, I haven’t even had any time. This is a very easy DIY that I do all the time, even when it isn’t the fall season. It’s my thing, my staple piece. Usually, I make it for my sister, but this time I made some for myself. This really festive flannel print was on sale, and I thought it would make some really cute pants. Most of the steps, I did go into a lot of detail just in case it got a little confusing. There will also be a lot of pictures with markings to make it easier for everyone. Enjoy!




Materials (This is for a teen’s pants. I am 5′ 6″, this is the yardage I use for teens and kids. For adults, I would double )

  • 1 yard of a printed flannel
  • 1/2 yard of a matching knit
  • 1 1/2 inch elastic, however much is needed for your waist
  • Sewing Machine works best, but fabric glue works as well





1. Cut the fabric. Since I have made these pants so many times, I have a pre-made pattern. Click Here to see how to make a pattern. (that link is for a sweater, but the steps work for pants too.) Here is another one that will be more helpful. Trace your pattern onto the fabric, but make sure that you trace half of the pattern onto the knit fabric. The picture above is what it should like.


2. Sew the Curves. I marked with white, where you should sew. Just make sure you keep right sides together. Right sides you want to show when you wear it. You can just use a regular stitch for this. I pinned it, to make sure there was no slipping of fabric.




3. Sew the long sides. This is a tricky-ish part. On fold the sides you sewed, and sew the long sides. In the second picture, you can see that I lined up the two seams, which were the ends of the curves seam in Step 2. Make sure that you line everything up correctly and pinning always helps.




4. Sew the colored bottom sections. With the right sides together, sew the edges closed, opposite to the fold, and sew. I marked it in white, in the pictures above.




5. Put everything together. With the wrong sides facing out, and the right side touching, sew the two pieces together. Make sure to do this for both legs. I pinned it, to make sure everything fit and I also matched seams together.




6. Cut waistband and Sew it to the pants. The waistband should be the same distance as the pants, don’t worry if it’s too big for you, because the elastic will fit and make everything snug. Mine was 45 inches by  6 inches, and I sewed it so that it was a big loop, and then pinned it to the top of the waist. Make sure to keep the right sides together.




7. Fold the waistband over. Fold it over, and match the edge with the seam. You should be able to see the seam and make sure to pin to make everything easier. LEAVE AN OPENING TO THREAD THE ELASTIC THROUGH.




8. Add elastic. This is my favorite part. Measure elastic so that it fits around your waist and can still keep up your pants. Pin one side to a part of the pants where the opening of the waistband is. In the second picture, you can see the safety-pin. Add a safety pin, and use it to pull the elastic through the waistband. It should look like that first picture.




9. Sew the sides of the Elastic together. Before doing this, make sure nothing is tangled and that the elastic is laying nice and flat in the waistband. Pile the two edges together and place a small piece of fabric. Sew a square and X, to keep it in place on the overlapping parts of elastic. You can do a little more or less of strengthening for the stitches if you feel the need to.




10. Sew the waistband closed. Pull the elastic so that the waistband is flat and not bunched up. Just sew it closed, like the 7th step.




11. The last step, hem the bottom of the legs. Fold the edge over once at a 1/2 of an inch, and then again at 1/2 inch. This keeps the edges clean and sharp. I would worry too much about the 1/2 inch part, I have gotten really good at eyeballing a 1/2 inch but you shouldn’t matter that much. After pinning the fold, Sew around, I like doing it twice, because of how crisp it looks, and professional too. Although, that is optional.



Voila! I hope you enjoyed this post! I loved how these PJ pants came out. This is actually one of my favorite items to sew. I make them all the time for my sister, and it’s become my thing. It’s super easy, although it may take some more time for beginners. These pants are also super easy to customize. I’ve made them with a whale print and black corresponding fabric. One of the other reasons I love making these is that I find it really fun to switch of prints with different color blocking colors. If anything was confusing or you have a question, feel free to comment a question or email if you want. Thanks for reading!




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