My Really Cute Halloween Outfit!



Hello Everyone! Halloween is so close! I am very excited to announce that I’m going to be ♥️💛♥️ Winnie the Pooh ♥️💛♥️! Over the past month, I’ve been collecting items to put together into this costume/outfit. This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever done. It was very easy and budget-friendly, but turned out super duper cute😉😉😉. A little bonus to my outfit, I also dressed my kitty 😺 up (keep reading to see what he is). I have the links + where I got everything listed below, just in case you were inspired by this costume.




In the last few posts, I’ve given a few hints as to what I’m going to be. Winnie the Pooh! I’ve been planning this for a while, over the past month, I’ve accumulated everything for my outfit. I didn’t want to get one of those party city outfits, so I just created my own. Everything is linked down below, and if I couldn’t find the time again-I found similar items. Comment what you are going to be for Halloween.




There are a few DIY aspects to the outfit. I made my trick or treating bag, the bear ears, and a small addition thing for my kitty. Everything I got was from Joann Fabrics. For the Ears, I cut out ear-like shapes, on the fold, and then hot glued them onto a headband I already owned. For the Honey Pot Design- I just traced a picture from online and glued it onto a pillowcase. My cat’s costume is just a drippy design cut out of the same felt/fabric from the ears.  These are just some super easy ways to make this costume even cuter. The pants I got were also kind of big, so I sewed and altered them as well.




I couldn’t be Winnie the Pooh without my honey pot. A really simple DIY I did for my cat, I turned him into a honey pot. I cut some mustard yellow felt into a drippy line and sewed the ends together so that it would fit around his neck. He’s the most handsome honey pot anyone has EVER seen. The felt is from Joann Fabrics.


Winnie the pooh.jpg


The red sweater was the first thing I got. I ordered it off of F21. My “ears” are made up of an old headband I found in my room, and some 50 cents felt from Joann Fabrics. I just wore my grey converses to keep something a little chill, but the socks are from F21. The hardest thing to find was the yellow-orange pants. I finally found some from Old Navy, but they were a little uncomfy, so I didn’t wear them in pictures. My nose was just some black eyeliner. The iconic scrunchie is from Aeropostale.




Halloween night is always really cold, so you’ve got to be strategic with your outfit. Make it cute and warm AND comfy. It was really cold this week, but my sweater and pants kept me really warm. I loved taking this pictures and it was just a really fun outfit.




It was a pretty simple outfit, but I incorporated some accessories to elevate the outfit. OBVIOUSLY I had to wear a yellow scrunchie. I wear scrunchies every day and thought it would only be right if I had a matching one. This wasn’t panned, but I was waking in the mall and saw these socks. I thought they were perfect and I can also wear them on normal, fall days. They are extremely warm and have some nice crochet detailing. And then I also painted a nose on with some black eyeliner, wore my Winnie The Pooh ears, and painted my nails Winnie-the-pooh red.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I always enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but this year, I had a lot more fun than usual. I was able to get really creative and funky. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see more pictures + behind the senses of everything. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Comment Down Below! Thanks for reading!




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