5 Outfit Ideas for Fall!

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Hello Everyone!🍁I’ve put together my 5 favorite fall outfits, and am going to share them with you all. I have been planning this post for a very long time, and I’ve finally finished it! ☕️The store I got each item is mentioned down below.🍂 I did a fall haul post recently, click here, and a lot of the featured items are from that. Fall is such a good transition season to start warming up your closet. 🎃All the sweaters, scarves, pajama pants, and so many more cozy items! We(my sister and I) also took a lot of aesthetically pleasing pictures along the way.☁️ And a lot of those pictures will be on my Instagram, so if you want to see some more of them, check out my Insta. Enjoy!



fall outfit_2


First outfit, My first fall sweater for this season, paired with some ripped jeans. The whole look with the pumpkin 🎃 🎃 🎃 sends me sooooo many fall vibes. This sweater has ribbing, and is cropped. Warning, there are going to be a lot of sweaters, because, well,F ALL. I love how simple the outfit is, but it’s also really fashion forward. It might not be best for colder days, but it’s perfect for a day on the couch binge watching Gilmore girls. The pants are super comfy and stretchy as well. The sweater is from F 21, and the jeans are from Aeropostale. Just in case you were wondering, the pumpkin’s name is Sheila Rasin Box. 🎃 Do you name your pumpkins? 


fall outfit_4


This next outfit is a twist on an iconic fall piece. I got this oversized flannel shirt a year ago because I thought I would be able to do something super cute with it. I’ve actually only worn it once, because I couldn’t figure out a way to wear it. Flannel is such a staple item tho. I finally figured out a way to wear it, over a plain white tee over some pleated-ribbed black pants. The color combo is great. The comfort level is great. Everything about this outfit is just amazingggg. The white shirt is from old navy, the flannel shirt is from Target, and the pants are from Macy’s.




This outfit is super cute, and easy to modify with anything you might have in your closet. I love the combination of the black and white stripes with the green cardigan. The jeans are just a normal pair of high waisted jeans, click here to see my favorite pair of jeans. It’s still very hot, but also get’s chilly.  So layering is very important and this sweater is light but also keeps me warm. It was kind of hot that day- but I got through it because I could take the sweater off and I was fine.  Shirt-F21, Jeans – Aeropostale, and the sweater is from Romwe.




Not every outfit is going to be trendy and fashionable. That’s too exhausting. Sometimes I end up wearing a plain, oversized sweatshirt with some shorts. This sweatshirt was given to me, so I’m not sure where it was from, except that it was from a hotel/resort. The shorts are from Old Navy. And if we are going full comfort, I’m going to wear my UGGS. It’s super comfortable and I wear outfits like this verrrrry often.


fall outfit_3


This is the softest sweater ever. These are also my favorite jeans. The sweater is from Forever 21, and the pants are from Aeropostale. There are a lot of different ways to wear the sweater, sometimes I wear it as a top, other times I wear it as a pullover on top of collared shirts(dress code, ugh). I wore it with some grey converses to pull everything together. It’s a really basic outfit but still has some of the Fall essences in it.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Fall is kind of a difficult part to dress for because you don’t want to be dressed for summer, but you also don’t want to fly too close to the winter side. But, it also means sweater weather. All of these outfits got me in the fall mood, and now I’m all ready for cold days with warm coffee, sitting by the fire with my cat. Hopefully these outfits inspired some cute upcoming fall outfits. COMMENT YOUR GO TO FALL OUTFIT! Thanks for reading.




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