A Trendy Fall Haul!



Hello Everyone! I went shopping earlier this month, and I realized everything was fall themed(obviously).❄️The cold weather☀️ came at unexpectedly, and I wasn’t prepared. Don’t worry, I’m really excited for fall and the coldness, I’m just not prepared yet. Cold Weather means Sweater Weather🙂. All the sales are happening, so I took advantage them. Here is a short post with some of the things I got! Everything linked down below, in case you want to see it. ♥️Enjoy!




First, something very fall themed, a blue sweater. On camera is shows up a lot paler that it actual is, but in real life it’s a little more vivid. It’s really cozy, and oversized enough where it’s doesn’t look too big, but is nice and loose.




One of my favorite items I have, a red pullover sweater. It’s really soft and stretchy. There’s ribbing and the sleeves are extra long, which I personally like. I can wear it as a top, but at school(where I have a uniform) I can put it over a collared shirt and still will be comfortable. This sweater is definitely one of my favorite sweaters, and the most convenient.




I also picked up my favorite pair of jeans in the whole wide world.( oooh, alliteration). They are stretchy, thick, high-waisted, made from Recycled bottles, and they are long enough for my long legs. I think I’ve said enough.😉😉😉




I got some ankle length socks. The only socks I wear are socks, that don’t show when I wear shoes. These are really comfortable and are nice and stretchy. The colors are also really basic, so if I feel a little “fancy”, I can match my socks to my outfit.




SCRUNCHIES! I love scrunchies. I only wanted to get the yellow mustard pack(because of my Halloween costume), but there was a sale that said buy 1 get 1 free.  There are a bunch a different scrunchies that came. Some are a velvet material, others are a stretchy knit, but most are a tulle fabric. They’re really stretchy and comfy.




Another chunky grey sweater. Oh my goodness, this sweater is so comfy. I love the balloon sleeves so much. It’s very flattering and warming. It’s also something different compared to some of the sweaters I already own.




This isn’t very fall themed, but I did recently get this because of a sale, some dolphin hem running shorts. There really comfy, but they are kind of big , so if you purchase them, I would suggest sizing down-unless you want a looser fit. (That’s not me in the picture, picture via F21)



I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s finally sweater weather, and I am all here for it. There are a lot of sales happening, and I was not ready for the fall weather. It gave me an excuse to buy a bunch of sweaters, and this post only shows a small part of my collection.  I’m really happy with all the things I got. And I’m super excited to wear everything (especially the sweaters) Thank you for reading! What’s one of your favorite fall staples?




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