The 7 Most Asked Questions About Blogging!



Hello Everyone! This q + a is for bloggers, people who want to become bloggers but are confused, or  anyone who wants to know more about “the blogging world”. I’m answering 7 of the questions that I ALWAYS GET ASKED, and some of the advice I have. Personally, I’m always curious about other bloggers. More than anything, I always appreciate and love getting advice from other bloggers. Something else to keep in mind while reading this, everyone is different. We all have different experiences with blogging and that is fine. It’s also great that everyone has different advice because the more the better.  If you would like to participate in the next q + a, follow me on Instagram. Enjoy!


Tie Dye


1. When did I start blogging, and why? I started my blog when I was really young, because I liked the idea of it. I also loved to sew (and still do) and thought blogging would be a good way to sell things. Now that I am older (I’m 13) , I have taken it much more seriously.  This blog has become a fashion-lifestyle-bujo-sewing blog, which is part of the reason I enjoy blogging as much as I do. It lets me combine everything I love into one thing. Blogging also gives me a responsibility and something to keep up. It’s like a job to me, but  I don’t think of it as a job…. if that makes any sense at all. Comment down below why you blog? 


2. What do I do to stay motivated? I love blogging so much, that the joy I get from writing, taking the pictures, and editing everything gets me so excited to blog. I also understand that I have a responsibility to provide content from my followers and email subscribers. It has become one of my favorite activities, which is what keeps me driven to blog. Despite all of this, I do get un-motivated. The content and posts I produce when I’m not motivated are never at the same level as they normally are.  Advice #1: Don’t over push it or force yourself to blog, make sure you want to so that you don’t lose the enjoyment blogging gives. Never blog if you aren’t happy with your you writing or if you aren’t motivated to do it.




3.  How do I balance your life with I blogging life? I always try my best to stay organized, and bullet journal-ing has really helped. Although I really have trouble with it sometimes, it’s really hard, and it’s actually the reason I took a break from blogging. I was so overwhelmed with school and some of my other responsibilities that it all became too much. If you have any experience or advice, comment  down below, I would really appreciate it.


4. How did I start my blog? This blog is run my WordPress. My mom helped me, because 8-year-old-me didn’t know a lot of about domain names or article writing. I am older now, so don’t worry about my capabilities, lol. Let me know if you want a full post on this topic, (commenting down below). Advice #2: Don’t wait to start your blog, start it and then find time to keep it up/launch it.



coming soon


5. How do I maintain an audience + traffic? Advice #3: It’s not about views and likes. That’s so corny, but it’s true. Sometimes I realize that even I think about that. If you like blogging, it should be about producing the best content you can, not views. Although,  I do try to post consistently and often. I also look at other blogs and stay active on their blogs too. Checking out smaller+newer blogs is also a good way to form good blogger friend groups.




6. How do I figure out what to write about? I always write about things I want to. I also try to incorporate latest trends in the world + blogging world. Part of the reason I blog, is because I get to combine everything I love, so I can write about anything I enjoy. Sometimes I read other blog’s blog post ideas posts. One of my most popular posts is about blog post ideas. Advice #4: Don’t write about something that doesn’t interest you, or something you would read. Chances are, if you don’t like it, your audience + viewers won’t either.




7. What does it take to be a blogger? First of all, A love for blogging, writing, creating, and depending on what time of blog it is, the photography processes. More seriously, a MAJOR commitment to your blog.If you want to become a blogger, listen me when I say this, It is going to be a lot of work. DO NOT underestimate the amount of work and planning that goes into running a blog, or even producing a blog post. Click Here  to see some behind the scenes of blogging, it might help you get an idea of what blogging really is. Disclaimer: don’t get me wrong, blogging is so much fun and I sincerely love it so much, but all amazing things come with a little work.



What’s the best advice I could give to another blogger? Enjoy blogging. It’s fun and if it’s not fun to you, then why are you doing it. Don’t force it on yourself and don’t make it a requirement. Make sure what you are putting out into the world is something you are proud of. Don’t focus on numbers and likes, it’s about the community and enjoyment you gain. Most imporantly, Have Fun!



I hope you enjoyed this post! If I didn’t answer your questions, feel free to comment them. Writing this post made me realize how far I’ve come since I started this blog several years ago. I also have a lot to learn and I always like receiving advice. SO… If you have any advice or wisdom to give, comment down below! Thanks for reading.




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