October BUJO! Fall, Doodles, Halloween and More



Hello Everyone! It’s already October, and I have a new bujo spread for this month. It’s fall themed, and the daily spread is very minimalistic, which is going to be very helpful since the year and stress season has started. There are a lot of doodles as well, which is always fun. I also experimented with a different mood tracker and got rid of my habit tracker to see what happens. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration for your bullet journal and future spreads!CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE,  or HERE TO SEE PAST SPREADS.  Enjoy!




This is my introduction page. I actually found an image similar to this page, and I used it as inspiration. My pumpkin is a little off, but that just gives it character. (that was my attempt to make my funky looking pumpkin seem normal, lol ;))




Oooof. I was really disappointed in myself because this is definitely one of the worst pages in the my bujo. The idea in my head for this was so great, but I didn’t put it onto paper right. I wanted it to look like a bunch of leaves falling down, but that didn’t happen.




I was the most excited for this page.  My mood tracker. They are banner and I color in the banner depending on how I felt that day. I’m going to be very honest, I have never finished a mood tracker, I always forget one day, and then just leave it blank for a week. Despite that, this page is super cute and I got a good feeling about it.




I was in a very doodle-y mood when I was making this spread, so I dedicated a full pages to it. It’s going to be full of doodles, so I kept the font pretty simple so that it wasn’t too much.




I always include a goals page in each of my bujo spreads. Having a designated spot for my goals really motivates me to create them and follow through. And any tasks that are in the air or are more long-term I put there.  You can see that I have to find some Winnie the Pooh pants, which might be included in a special blog post coming very soon. I also dedicated this page to fall-food doodles.




I continued the daily spread that I did last month, with some modifications. It turned out to be really organized and gave me a lot of space for my busy schedule. The layout is also really simple but still had room for me to doodle. I experimented with, wind doodles, and my favorite leaves.




Here is a closer look at the Halloween Page. This is where I will put some special doodles, notes about my costume, and my plans for trick or treating + scary movie watching I’m doing with friends. I experimented with a melting font but I do need to polish my technique. Let me know if the comments if you still trick or treat, or if you stay in and watch movies? 



I hope you enjoyed this post! CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE,  or HERE TO SEE PAST SPREADS. I really enjoyed making this spread, and I recommend it if you want something simple and organized. School started and I need more organization in my life. Even though it is really chill compared to some of my past spreads, it still incorporates doodles. Do You Bullet Journal? Thanks for reading.





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