My Current Favorites! Fashion, Lifestyle, Movies and More!



Hello Everyone! A new month and season have started, and I thought it would be fun for me to show you all some of my new found and old favorites. It’s officially sweater weather where I live which means a lot is changing. I took the past couple of weeks off from blogging because of school and life, because I have been so stressed and busy. My posting will become more consistent, but this post is a short post to catch you all up on my current favorites. Enjoy!




Here are some of my current Netflix favorites. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Follow this by Buzzfeed, and The Good Place. I don’t have a lot of time to watch movies, but I really liked watching Buzzfeed’s knew documentary show. Gilmore Girls is something I have been watching for a while, and I really enjoy rewatching old episodes. If you have any Netflix recommendations, leave a comment.




F21 Sweaters. I’ve ordered a few sweaters from Forever 21, and it’s definitely my favorite place to get sweaters from. They are such good quality and always fit really well. There are also so many options and styles.  I also got part of my halloween costume there (blogpost coming soon).




BUJO. I’ve been keeping up  with my bullet journal even with everything going on, and it’s really been helping me. Click Here and Here to see some of my bullet journal spreads.  My October BUJO spread will also be coming soon.




High Waisted Pants. Fall in my city gets really cold, and I’ve made the change from shorts to pants. This goes without saying, but high waisted pants are the best thing that have ever been invented. I wear them all the time and they are so comfy.




Rose Gold. I’ve started to re decorate my room, and a major aesthetic point is rose gold. I know that everyone is doing this, but I bought a rose gold accented basket and the collected built up from their. My 4 Succulents might be getting a friend in an rose gold pot.




I always mention this. I. LOVE. Coffee. It’s still one of my favorites and will continue to be for a very long time. I’ve recently discovered that I like the Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.




It’s A 10. My hair is really frizzy and curly, so when I wash it, I have to straighten it to keep in maintainable, or at least keeping it from being crazy. It’s a 10 works really well and has so many benefits. I would definitely recommend it.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve been finding a lot of new favorites lately through Instagram and other blogs. This post was also a little short, so I apologize for that. Last apology/update, I’m also really sorry I haven’t been active but there are a lot of fun posts coming soon. Comment down below one of your current favorites.




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