My Summer 2018 Review!

summer reveiw


Hello Everyone!💛A lot happened this summer, and I thought it was fun to do a little review.  Think of this as a little look back and summary of my summer🌻🌻. I started school two week, when my summer officially ended. Fall🍂is starting soon, and this is my way of bringing summer to an official end. There are some pictures from past blogposts + shoots📷and an update on my summer goals. I didn’t do anything too crazy this summer, it was pretty chill, but I did accomplish some things. Enjoy!😃





This summer, I wrote some of my favorite blogposts ever. My Collab with Jayde’s Dream, Summer Look Book, DIY Tie Dye Sweatshirt, and all of the Bujo posts.  We (my sister and me) took so many amazing pictures. My Insta feed def. improved throughout the summer.




I spent the majority of my summer in Arkansas, visiting my grandparents. I didn’t do a lot there, but once we got back I planned a lot of photo shoots and blogposts! I also had so much time to work on my bullet journal, and I’ve def. improved since the beginning of summer.




Highlights of my summer. I started the summer by going to Hershey with some friends, and I had the best time! I got some really good Thai food and I had A LOT of Mint Chocolate Ice cream!




Before summer started, I made a list of goals and accomplishments to accomplish but going to Arkansas kind of stopped me from completing some of those goals. One of them was to go on a run everyday, but I ran a total of 3 runs this summer.




Instagram was also a really big goal for me. My Instagram has really grown this summer. It’s probably because of all the fun photo shoots we had. I’ve gone better at it and my feed looks pretty good. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!





I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve been waiting for a while to post this, but I had sponsored posts before, so everything got shifted. To be very honest, I debated on whether or not I should write this post. I didn’t have the best summer, although it had it’s highlights, and I wasn’t sure if it would be a good summer to even write about. But, a lot of fun things happened and there were a lot of great blog posts that came out of it. What’s something really fun that you did this summer, let me know it the comments? Thanks for reading!




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