My Fashion Favorites w/ RoseGal



Hello Everyone! This is part two of my Zaful and Rose Gal Posts. Everything is linked at the end of this post. This is a sponsored post, but any of the opinions given are my own. I found some of my favorite trends and colors ROSEGAL. They are some things on my wish list or somethings that I just really loved. Enjoy!




First, I will say, if you are younger, I would recommend Zaful over Rose Gal, because Rose Gal seems to have more clothes for an older demographic. This pink sweater looks so comfy, but also really trendy.




This sweater is also really simple, but it’s still cute. I also really love the color combo.




This sweatshirt looks so comfy, and I like how the stripes are lower down the arm. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but this has a drop shoulder, and I really like how drop shoulder tops look.



This skirt is high-waisted, and a-line which always look really flattering. Not only is it high waisted, but it has POCKETS. Rose Gal also has some really pretty green dresses shop now!




You could probably tell from some of the things I’ve shown in this post, but my favorite things from their site was mainly the items on the simpler side. This dress is a staple item and can be paired with anything. It could also be dressed up or made casual.




I’ve seen this romper a lot on Instagram and Social Media. I love the pattern on it, and the pom pom trimming is so cute. My favorite part about this romper is the cinched waist and the cutting of the shorts. It would be a really great outfit/piece for summer.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This post was sponsored by RoseGal.  Make sure to check out my previous post w/ Zaful. Sorry this post was kind of different and short, but my posting schedule will be back to normal next week. Thanks for reading. Whats one of your current fashion favorites? Comment Below!




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Links to Everything


Pink Ruffled Sweater

Yellow Sweater

Blue Sweatshirt

Green Skirt

White DressWhite Dress

Black Romper

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