My September BUJO! Doodles, FRIENDS, and more!



Hello!!! September has started, which means a new Bujo spread. The theme was F•R•I•E•N•D•S, because I love that show. I used the colors ❤️💛💙 as my theme, and did a couple things differently, that I normally wouldn’t do. Fall themes are really hard to make unique, so hopefully this gives some Inspiration for future spreads. Follow my Instagram, so you can see some more pics of this spread. Enjoy!



This is my front cover. Instead of doing too many doodles and quotes, like my last Bujo, I went with the colors and New York Theme. Although,  I still included some quote pages.





My monthly draft is similar, but I played with the shape of the boxes, and incorporated the F•R•I•E•N•D•S theme. I still kept the Notes section, on the side.




I also tried a different Mood Tracker Layout. It’s a line tracker, so I’ll draw a line a certain color for each day, depending on my mood.




Each Day has its on section, and I also fit entire week(s) into two pages.




I’m still figuring out what type of habit tracker I wanted to do, but I still use the F•R•I•E•N•D•S theme. And I have my goals there too.




Instead of having a normal quote page, I just included one of my favorite sayings from the show, UNAGI, and gave the actual definition.



I hope you enjoyed this post! My Bujo-Skills are getting so much better, and this spread + the layout is on of my favorites so far. I was worried about the colors, but it ended up looking pretty nice at the end. And the more simplistic look was different from what I normally do, Click here to see some past bujo spreads. If you bullet journal, leave a comment, What theme did you do this month? Thanks for reading!



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