How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

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Hello Everyone! My Insta feed Taking the pictures is only part of the process, editing is a whole other part. I use VSCO to edit my pictures, but sometimes I will use BeFunky to add different “depths to it”. In case you wanted to know, I always use the F2 filter. I’ve always had trouble with editing Insta + Blog pictures. It’s hard to make sure the pictures look unique but are apart of a theme. I just went through how I edited one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. Here’s my Instagram. Click here to see the pictures’ post. Enjoy!




First, I add the filter I always use. I alway start off with it, so that my feed looks aesthetically pleasing.




Then, I brightened it up a little.




I also always lower the temperature to my pictures, it gives all of my pictures a blue tint.




Next I raised the saturation to make the colors pop, especially since it was a rainbow sweatshirt.




This is something I don’t always do, but I played around with a highlights and shadows until I liked it.




Then I lowered the skin tone all the way to the bottom. Pictures always tint my skin a little weirdly, so I change it back to the way it was.




Lastly, I cropped and centered it. I only do this if the picture isn’t centered or if it’s showing something awkward.



I hope you enjoyed this post! When I first started Instagram, I wasn’t very good at it. Now I’ve gotten the hang of it, especially with the editing. I’ve always had trouble with keeping my Instagram cohesive, and I have recently been really happy how my pictures look. The before and after is at the top of this post. If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading.




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