How to make a Scrunchie!



Hello Everyone! I got a lot of request for another DIY post, after my DIY tie dye post. DIY scrunchies in particular was requested, and I thought it was the perfect idea! I wear scrunchies almost every day. I have a ton of them, but they’re all very basic colors. I I’ve never made them before, which made it so much more exciting. This is also an up cycling craft. I had some fabric scraps from other projects, and clothing, and I used those to make something new! It surprised me how fun and easy these were to make. Enjoy!



1. Cut a long rectangle of fabric, mine was 3 in. by 17 in. You don’t have to be very strict with these measurements, but don’t change it too much.




2. Turn down one side like the picture above, and sew it down. If you don’t want to sew it, you can use hot glue or fabric glue. Make sure that the right sides are facing together.


3. Turn it right side out using a pen, or a safety pin.




4. Take some elastic and “thread” it through the rectangle fabric. The smaller size worked better. Cut it to about 10 inches.




5. Tie the elastic after it is threaded through, Make sure it’s really tight, because if it breaks while your wearing it, it’ll be hard to fix it.




6. Fold one raw edge, so there is a clean hem. Tuck the other raw edge under neath the folded size.




7. Hand sew the edges closed(or glue), making sure to tuck in the raw edges before you do so.





That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post! These came out so well, and I’m definitely going to wear them every day. Each one took me under 10 minutes and I ended up making 5 of them. This DIY can easily be altered depending on size, what fabric you have and your sewing skill level. I did use a sewing machine, but a needle and thread can be used too. It was also such a great + easy way to upcycle. Thanks for reading!




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