My Favorite Pair of Jeans!



Hello Everyone! I went shopping recently, and I found the perfect pair of jeans. They are stretchy, sustainable, affordable, and they fit really well. THE BEST PART, they are high waisted. I loved these jeans so much and  I am doing a review and introduction to them! They are also really easy to style, which is why  I gave a couple of outfit ideas for inspiration.  I obviously love fashion, but I can never find a good pair of jean, making this so much more better. Enjoy!





I originally wasn’t going to buy these jeans, but the sale was buy one pair of jeggings get one free. Since they were denim-jeggings, I thought it nice to get them. They were on sale and Aeropostale and the original price was $40.00. That’s a little expensive but they were discounted.  It was also tax free weekend, so I HAD TO get them.




Two words, High and Waisted. I’m not sure if anyone else feel likes this, but if something is high waisted, it’s already perfect. These jeans are high waisted, but they are still long enough to reach my ankles. I am tall for my age, or for my “body proportions” and I usually can’t find pants that fit me. Well, these jeans are long enough and they fit me around the hips+waist. And these are stretchy so they are 10 times better.




Other than it being the comfiest, best fitting jeans I’ve ever worn, there was one more main reason I really wanted to write this post about them. They are made from recycled plastic bottles. I didn’t notice this until I came home and cut the tags off. Protecting the earth is something I really take seriously. As soon as I saw that they “sustainable jeans”, I knew they were my new favorite jeans.




Everything has a bad side, even this jeans have room for criticism. The only bad thing, is that they are a little tight around the knees. Once I wear them a couple of times, they might stretch out more. It’s still not that big of a deal, and definitely doesn’t effect my love for them.




Throughout this post, you probably have seen the outfits in the pictures. Outfit 1, I have always been a fan of white on denim, and I added a splash of color with the cardigan. The shirt is from Old Navy, the cardigan is from Macy’s. It’s a super comfy outfit and it’s simple.  To give it something more, I wore a plain black scrunchies! Also, I am 5′ 4″ and I’m wearing an 00R. (American sizing)




Outfit 2, The crop top is from Target. Since these are HIGH WAISTED Jeans, I had to take advantage of this opportunity and wear a crop top. First off, wearing a crop top with these jeans makes everything look like it fits better, and it extenuates and flatters your body shape. Of course, I wore my grey converses with both outfits. Just like these outfits, it’s super easy to make simple articles of clothing cute and trendy in an outfit!



I hope you enjoyed this post! If I haven’t convinced you that these are the best jeans in the world, don’t know how I will. They are stretchy, HIGH WAISTED, Sustainable, they fit well, and they are affordable. (I used coupons and took advantage of sales) Here’s a link to similar jeans, and I think I should mention that this is not sponsored, I just realllllllly love these jeans. Make sure to also check out my Instagram, all of the other pictures will be there and you can see the behind the scenes of the shoots.   Thanks for reading, and Comment Your Favorite Piece of Clothing or Something You Couldn’t Live Without!




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