My Blogger Bloopers!

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Hello Everyone! The first person that I saw doing a Blogger Bloopers, was Absolutely Olivia. I thought it would be such a great idea for me to do it, because I have so many bloopers from past blogposts and photo shoots. Making mistakes is always okay, I know first hand.  Get ready for a lot of funny and “interesting” photos of me! Some of them have stories behind them and I will be explaining them. And each of the coordinating blogposts will be attached, in case you want to see the good pictures. This is more of a humorous post. Enjoy!



blooper 3


This picture was taken in a San Diego Hotel, in a really big chair my sister and I found. I thought it would be a good picture spot for Instagram, but then we realized how big it actually was. I had trouble standing on it, because it was so big and deep that I kept sliding. We did get a good picture. Instagram.


blooper 6


This was the first “real photo shoot” I did on this blog. It was very cold outside, and I was taking advantage of the moments of sun, by soaking it all in. Here’s how to make it, and here’s the outfit post.


blooper 5


Here’s the real model. This is my sister, also my photographer. She’s modeling the sweater I made for her and she’s being her sassy self. Here’s how to make it!


blooper 4


blooper 2


This beautiful picture was taken in front of a San Diego Hotel. I got a lot of really cute pictures at this location. My mom decided to splash me with the cold water and this was the picture we go from it.


blooper 1


Lastly, the time my sister got a mid-sneeze picture. This was a recent post that I did and it was also allergy season. As I was reaching for the camera, my sister continued to get the sneeze.



I hope you enjoyed this post! And I hope this was an amusing and interesting post! I have done a lot of photoshoots, in the past, and I always end up with some really funny, awkward, blooper pictures. This is also a great time to mention my INSTAGRAM, I’m starting to take it much more seriously, and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. Thanks for reading!




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