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Hello Everyone! On my Instagram, and my last couple posts, I let everyone know that I was doing a q + a and I needed questions. I am answering all of your questions and giving some updates on a couple things happening. My last chit chat post was a while ago, Click Here to see that post. I really enjoyed reading your questions and writing your posts. Throughout this post, I put some pictures from past blogposts and my Instagram. If you have any questions in addition to these, you can comment and I will answer all of them. Enjoy!



Q #1: How do you know when something will look good?
A #1: I assumed she was talking about, how will you know something will look good in terms of clothing and outfit matching. What I do, is lay everything out to see how they look and envision it in my head. It’s also always a good idea to take into consideration the colors, shapes, and textures before pairing items together.




UPDATE #1 : I have a new “posting schedule”. I will be posting EVERY Monday and there will be bonus posts on Thursdays. I do have posts ready for the rest of the month, so there will always be a post on Mondays.


Q #2: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
A #2: Almost everything! I really like writing and taking pictures for the posts, because it always challenges me and I simply just like writing. Reading your comments is also a really good part of it.


UPDATE #2: I have a Facebook, sooooo make sure to follow me. I also have Instagram, Pinterest, and a Twitter, but I don’t understand it too much. I am very active on IG and Pinterest though. If you want, you can follow me. If anyone would like to explain twitter to me in the comments, I would appreciate it. 


Q #3: What’s your favorite color?
A #3: I honestly love all colors, except orange, but my favorite is grey. It goes with everything and I feel like it’s a really nice color.




Q #4: Who takes your pictures?
A #4: My little sister takes my pictures. It’s a struggle sometimes, because she has to be “in the mood” to take pictures, if I want them to turn out well. Although, sometimes the pictures come out well, so I can’t complain too much.


Q #5: Coffee or Tea?
A #5: COFFEE! I love coffee so much! If you read my 42 Things That make me Happy, then you know that I really love coffee. I really love tea too, but coffee is more of my favorite.


UPDATE #3: I put a contact page in the menu bar. If you want to collab, or you just wanted to get in touch with me, you can reach me through that page. There is a form and other ways contact me!


Q #6: When did you start your blog?
A #6: This is a question I get a lot, especially in the comments of my blog. I actually started this blog in 2015, but I never blogged. I was really young and just want to blog but didn’t really understand it. I started officially blogging in August of 2017. My 1 year anniversary is coming up!




Q #7: When did you become a feminist + started taking activism more seriously?
A #7: I don’t remember the exact date, but this past year I’ve been getting more into it. I started getting into the news more, which led to me being more “concerned” and interested into it. If you want to me to a entire blogpost devoted to that, let me know in the comments! Click here to see my Women’s Day post.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This was kind of like a small way for you guys to learn more about me and this blog. And I really liked looking back on some of the pictures I took throughout the history of my blog. If you would like to participate in the next q + a, follow my Insta. Let me know if you have anymore questions or if you like it when I do q + a’s. Thanks for reading!





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