My Entire Bullet Journal!



Hello Everyone! I did it! I finished my first bullet journal. I started bullet journaling in January and I just finished the entire book, ending with July’s spread. I thought since I have showed a couple of my monthly BUJO spreads and bullet journalling posts, Here, and here.  It took me a while to get to the point where I was really proud of my bujo spreads, but this way, you get to see my journey to a much better bullet journal. If you want to see the start of my next bullet journal, the beginning and August’s spread, let me know in the comments. This is a long blogpost, so get ready. And I did blur out part of the pictures, because they are filled out with some of my personal details. I’m doing a Q + A, so ask me some questions in the comments or check out my Insta. Enjoy!



I thought it might be easier to do this in pictures. As for the tools I used, I mainly used paper mate pens and normal pencils. The stickers are from Agenda 52. Click here to see some more of the stationary stuff I use.


DISCLAIMER OR WARNING: My bullet journal was pretty bad before I got to May. If you wanted to see a good bullet journal, skip to the May portion of this post. BUT, if you want to see my JOURNEY TO A BETTER JOURNAL, go ahead and look at all of the pictures. 


bujo -entirety.jpg

THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNAL: Keep in mind, when looking at the pictures, that I was just starting my bullet journal. I was using really bad pens, and I was not organized. It gets MUCH better when you get to May. Click here to see more about this. 


January bujo.jpg


JANUARY: Keep in mind, when looking at the pictures, that I was just starting my bullet journal. I was using really bad pens, and I was not organized. It gets MUCH better when you get to May.  Click here to see more about this. 



FEBRUARY: At this time, I used colors as my themes,  and the colors I used were Red, Pink, and silver. 




MARCH: March was when I started to do research before my bujo, and I found a really cute cactus bujo online, and tried to mimic it. I really liked the cover page, and I used each daily log a lot. This was my spring break month, and I had a lot of planning I wanted to do in here, which is why there are a lot more pages.



APRIL: I kept this spread pretty plain and simple. It didn’t take as long as my spreads do now a days, but it wasn’t too bad.



MAY: This is when EVERYTHING starts to get better. My theme was Cherry Blossoms and this was my B-Day Month, so there are extra pages. I also traveled a lot, so I had packing lists and travel ideas.



JUNE: I used all my new stationary stuff for this month’s spread. My theme was a mixture of Pineapples and Cactus. I added a habit tracker and goals pages. Honestly, I messed up on the habit tracker and accidentally put May instead of June, but I spent too much time to change it. And since I was traveling to Arkansas in the end of the month, I didn’t get to finish filling it out.




JULY: This spread was very rushed and stressed. I was traveling, and I was running out of space in the journal. I started with the front cover first, and then I continued with spread playing off of colors.



I hope you enjoyed this post, because it took a lot of time. Over the past 7 months, I’ve been working really hard on my Bujo skills and these pictures just show how far I’ve come. June was definitely my favorite month because I had the materials and time to do every little detail. Thanks you for reading!!!




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