42 Things That Make Me Happy



Hello Everyone! I’ve realized that there are a lot of different things that make me happy, and so I thought I would share “some” of them. Some of these are funny and some are more serious. The large ones are some of my favorites in the lists. When you are done reading this, tell me something that makes you happy, in the comments!!! Enjoy! ♥️



Things That Make Me Happy


1.  My Kitty

2.  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream, especially from Baskin Robins

3. Coffee

4. Rainbows

5. Face Masks

6. Rom-Coms

7. Ian Somerhalder ♥️

8. Naps

9. Succulents

10. Potato Bread

11. Fashion and anything related to that

12. Pineapples 🍍

13. Furry socks

14. Annoying my little sis/ photographer

15. Lavender Candles

16. Finding really good sales while shopping

17. Bath Bombs

18. High waisted shorts + pants

19. TVD

20. Hot tea

21. Feminist Instagram Pages ⚥

22. Wearing my grey Uggs

23. Starbucks

24. Sewing

25. Washi Tape

26. Gilmore Girls! TEAM JESS!

27. Oversized Sweatshirts and Sweaters

28. Scrunchies

29. Chik – fil – a Waffle fries

30. F R I E N D S , the tv show and my friends

31. The Holidays, especially Christmas and Valentine’s Day

32. BBQ Chips

33. More BBQ chips

34. When pictures from photoshoots 📸  turn out really well.

35. Netflix, obviously.

36. Running

37. Romance Books + Movies

38. Avocado 🥑 Toast

39. Organizing closets

40. Lush, because everything smells good and it all helps the environment.

41. Random acts of kindness

42. Finally…. BLOGGING!!!!!!!! It just always makes me happy when I blog.





I hope you enjoyed this post! This was a different style + type of post than I normally do, but I really enjoyed writing it. It kind of shows a bit a my personality, and most of these were my favorites. My favorite ice cream in mint choco chip.  What’s something that makes you happy? (Also, let me know if you like the style this and my last post are, I’m think I’m going to start making all of my posts this theme) One more thing, I’m going to be doing a Q+A soon, so ask me some questions in the comments, or DM me on Instagram @rorokdesigns!




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13 thoughts on “42 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. thandeka31 says:

    1. God 2. Music 3. Movies 4. Novels 5. TV Shows 6. Black Panther 7. Lupita Nyong’o 8. Aja Naomi King 9. Cake 10. Exercise… 32. Cartoons 33. Winter 34. Food 35. Support 36. Love 37. Travel 38. Beautiful Scenery 39. Kaelin & Kyrah 40. Puppies 41. Conversation 42. People

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