June Skincare Routine



Hello Everyone! Skincare is a big part of my life. And although it’s kind of minimal, there are days where I really go all out to make sure that my skin is clear and healthy. During the summer, I have a lot of time and flexibility, so I take the time to do some skincare. I will leave links to everything. In addition to my skincare routine, I put my favorite face masks. If there are any skincare items that you recommend, let me know in the comments what they are.





First I start out with the first step of the Proactive 3 step, the cleanser.  It’s an exfoliant and a cleanser. Afterwards, I rinse it off.




Then, I wipe my face with a cetaphil wipe. I love these so much , because it can work alone as a skincare routine because it does everything.




I rinse my face with part 2 of the Proactive 3 step, the toner. This step really works, and I can see it working as all of the dirt and extra stuff comes off my face.




If it is the daytime/morning, I will use a cetaphil moisturizer because it has spf 15. If it is the night time, I will use a simple face cream I found in target.




After my face, I usually move on to the lips. I use a chocolate lip scrub I got from lush. It works well, and after using it, you are suppose to lick it off. I really recommend using it.




Finally, I finish off by putting on some blistex lip serum. I get really dried up lips, and  this chapstick/lip cream is medicated and it works so well. I use it every single day.




My 3 favorite face masks. First, the Mask of Magnaminty, is my all time favorite. It is from lush, so it’s all natural and it smells so good. It’s suppose to help with clearing the skin and it really works. Next, the Que Bella mask. The one in the picture is not my favorite, but it’s from the same company. I like the watermelon peel off the best, but this chocolate mud mask is still pretty good.  Lastly, the yes to charcoal peel off mask. It’s just a simple charcoal mask that I really love.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Skincare is becoming very important to me, and I really enjoyed showing my routine to all of you! Let me know what your favorite skin care item or face mask is, because I always like trying new skincare stuff! Don’t forget to follow and like this post!




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